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Valve Aiming to Take Down Games Containing Adult Content

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

If no, then all the visual novel developers and publishers have the right to complain. It looks as though Valve is “stereotyping” genre and it is not good. 

Valve is aiming for games containing adult contents on Steam. In fact, the company has sent a warning to take down the sexual contents. Is it the right move?

A number of publishers and developers went out to Twitter to state their disagreement. HunieDevNeko Works, and Lupiesoft all reached out on Twitter. Most notable protests came from developers Lupiesoft.

The company which creates visual novels focused on ecchi (Japanese term of erotic content) such as Mutiny!! claims that it has followed Steams’ regulation. The company also stated that ecchi is different from pornography.

Even Lupiesoft’s publisher and also a game platform, Magnagamer officially states that the agency is not breaking any Steam laws or guidelines.

“We stand by our assertion then that content of the game is not pornographic, but an earnest and tasteful exploration of sexuality,” wrote the publisher.

ItIclaims that Valve does not have any clear guidelines or standards before threatening to pull its games from Steam.

They also have reached Valve to discuss and try to find a way out. It turned out well for them as Valve said they will review the game and will send further notice.

Although Magnagamer is mostly concern for their game Kindred Spirits, the company is also concerned for other games connected to the genre.

Games Containing Adult Content

Tropical Liquor

What the developers and publishers stated are mostly true according to us. If Valve wants to take out adult contents on games, shouldn’t they have also contacted CD Projekt Red on The Witcher series?

If no, then all the visual novel developers and publishers have the right to complain. It looks as though Valve is “stereotyping” genre and it is not good.

Valve is really aggressive right now. They previously removed a couple of games due to fake review and also updated their policy that made SteamSpy less effective.

Valve: “Do Not Review Your Own Game on Steam”

A clear message to all game developers out there: Do not review your own game in Steam. Valve has recently cut ties with a Malta-based developer, Insel Games due to the CEO asking their staffs to review the company's latest game. 

Nevertheless, we will keep you updated on both Valve and the other developers and publishers.

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