US$100 Million is the Total Prize Pool for Fortnite eSport Tournaments

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Worth noting, this is going to be the first season of Fortnite eSports. 

Epic Games is really going hard on their eSport scenes. This time, it is set to give US$100 million as a total prize pool for Fortnite eSport tournaments.

This news came from Epic Games itself on their official blog post. In the post, Epic Games highlights the community’s passion and growth for Fortnite. This is why they are eager for the tournaments ahead. Worth noting, this is going to be the first season of Fortnite eSports.

The prize pool itself is not only considered big in the first season but also big in history.

The biggest eSport in terms of tournament prize pools was Valve’s Dota 2. According to E-sports Earnings, it paid out about $38 million in total prize money in 2017. The International 7 in 2017 was the biggest esports prize pool in history at nearly $25 million.

According to game analysts, by dedicating US$100M to fund prize pools competitions, Epic has made Fortnite the biggest esports in the world in terms of prize money.

Epic Games first introduced Fortnite on computers and gaming consoles in September. The game made a vast amount of revenue. Including Fortnite Mobile’s US$15 million in less than a month and five times the revenue of PUBG Mobile.

The battle royale mode lets you jump in the world of Fortnite with 99 other players to become the last man standing.

The company revealed in January that the game has been played by more than 45 million people worldwide. It is also consistently the most streamed game on Twitch.

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However, it’s massive community is mainly from the US. Gamers from Indonesia and a couple of other countries do not have full access to Fortnite. This is due to server issues that the company is currently working on.

Nevertheless, we can conclude that eSport is clearly getting more and more compelling in the future.

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