PUBG Corp Suing Another Company, This Time Epic Games’ Fortnite

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

This obviously resides to one question: Aren’t they both partially owned by Tencent?

PUBG Corp is at it once again. This time PUBG Corp is suing Epic Game for its hit game, Fortnite. This obviously resides to one question: Aren’t both partially owned by Tencent?

The report first came out from The Korean Herald. The news company claims that PUBG Corp filed an injunction citing alleged copyright infringement against Epic Games in January.

As we might have known, this is not the first time that the company filed a lawsuit against another company with similar games. Previously there was a lawsuit filed by PUBG Corp against NetEase’s Rules of Survival and Knives Out.

But in this lawsuit, a PUBG Corp representative told The Korean Herald that the company wants to protect their copyright.

What PUBG Corp is doing makes some sense if we take a look back when Fortnite was first released.

In-Depth Analysis: PUBG Filing a Lawsuit Against NetEase from a Legal Perspective

PUBG filing a lawsuit against NetEase for copyright infringement. Will PUBG Corp. get what they want: permanent delete of NetEase battle royale games. We try to answer from a legal perspective. 

The game only had the “Save the World” mode. This mode lets players build walls and defended it from other players. But in September, Epic Games added the free-to-play “Battle Royale” portion into the game.

This was the moment that triggered PUBG Corp since they were the first one who introduced the “battle royale” gameplay. Not only the gameplay but also items and user interface (UI).

PUBG Corp is Suing Epic Games

What’s funny is the fact that we mentioned in the first paragraph: Tencent is the company who has invested in both PUBG Corp and Epic Games. But surprisingly, both firms are in clash with copyright issues.

It’s really worth knowing how Tencent would react. At the time of writing, no confirmation has been received publicly from Tencent.

We believe that this is something that even Tencent cannot control or do much. However, it may have an effect as of whether Tencent will invest in the future.

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