Break the Record (Again)! Almost 17,000 Gamers Visit BEKRAF Game Prime 2018!

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Another year, another record set. The organizer announces that almost 17,000 gamers visit BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 in three days!

The biggest gaming event in Indonesia set another new record! BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 that was held on 13-15 July 2018 became not only a place to meet fellow game industry stakeholders and create networks, but also a place for gamers to have fun and play games all day long.

This year, BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 was held with the same format as last year. One day (13 July 2018) was the B2B or Business Day where the game industry’s stakeholder could meet, share their knowledge, and create a new collaboration opportunity. And the last two days (14 to 15 July) were the B2C or Public Day where gamers from all across Indonesia could play the latest local games and also enjoyed some eSports tournament.

Almost 17,000 visitors attended this event. Around 709 participants attended B2B day that was held in Ayana Midplaza, Jakarta, And then, two days of Public Day was attended by 16,270 gamers, exceeding venue’s normal capacity!

Seven sessions by local and international industry experts

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The B2B conference presented more than 10 speakers, both from local and international game companies. They shared their insights about the game industry, such as how to maximize your network to grow your business; what you should do when you work in a foreign company; how to market your game from the indie perspective; and how to create a beautiful yet engaging game design.

visit bekraf game prime 2018

This event was not only a place to gain some new insight but also a place to meet new people and discuss possible future collaborations. There was also a VIP dinner where they could discuss their plan casually. More than 700 developers, publishers, investors, and the press attended this event. This number is an increase from the 600 attendees in the last year’s event.

visit bekraf game prime 2018

Some of the international speakers who gave their insight in this event were such as Wan Hazmeer (Metronomik, Malaysia), Elizabeth Galuh (Streamline Games, Malaysia), Ian Purnomo (Sony Interactive Entertainment, Singapore), Langer Lee (XFLAG/mixi inc, Japan), and more. There were also some speakers from the local game companies such as Adam Ardisasmita (Arsanesia) and Arief Widhiyasa (Agate).

More than 100 local games to play!

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B2C day looks like “Lebaran” for Indonesian indie game developers. There were more than 100 locally made games to play, both digital games and actual board games. BEKRAF gave free booths to 50 best indie developers who successfully made their way through the curation process.

Some big names got bigger booths and got really creative with it. Own Games decorated their booth like a coffee-stall while Rolling Glory Jam held a mini-concert on the second day. Digital Happiness introduced their cross-platform DreadOut universe’s project; and many more!

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There were also more than 15 board games that attendees could play. Not only that, for those wanting to know about the latest game technology, some VR company such as OmniVR and ShintaVR showed their latest project. Looks like a new era in VR will come in the near future of the local game industry!

This event was surely a great place for attendees to know more about the local game industry scene. For developers, this was also a perfect place to meet their potential users, gain more feedback and make a better product that fits with the local market.

Nostalgic feel from 90’s era

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At the center of the venue, there was something that looked like a time machine. Some exhibitors wanted to bring back the 90’s era to the attendees. There was a school-like booth from Generasi 90-an, offering some traditional games which were usually played in a schoolyard. Not only that, they also sold some traditional snacks that were, maybe once, your favorite when you were a child.

BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 Public Day Recap

July 14 and 15, 2018 were good days for all gamers who attended BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 event. Here is the BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 public day recap.

Move on to the next booth, there was a booth from Retro Game Community Indonesia who brought some old-school console and arcades. They also held some classic game challenges. Do you still have your old console? If you don’t then you might want to find the community’s basecamp because they also sold some of their old game collections at the event. That makes their booth a perfect place for completing your retro game collection.

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