Top 10 Best Indonesian Games from BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 That You Should Play

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Indonesia is not just the place where good food lies. It is also a place where good games are developed. Sadly, not many people have known. Here are 10 best Indonesian games you should play.

In this article, we will provide you with info on our picks for the best Indonesian games from BEKRAF Game Prime 2018. Worth noting that this list is not based on order. The games we chose are from various platforms including PC, console, and mobile. So, let’s get started.


Azure Saga, Masshive Media

If you love playing adventure RPG, rich stories, simplistic yet clean graphics, this is the game to play. Every second you play the game, you will be curious about what lies next. You will also be challenged to create the best team composition and unlock all the United Skills you can find.

Masshive Media, a developer team from Bandung did a good job in polishing Azure Saga: Pathfinder. Its debut game for Steam deserves an appreciation and for that reason, this is the perfect combination of western and Japanese RPG elements.

Azure Saga: Pathfinder is already out in Steam and can be played right now.

Azure Saga: Pathfinder Review: Perfect Combination of Western and Japanese RPG!

Masshive Media, a developer from Bandung, Indonesia, debuted its first Steam game just yesterday. It debuted an RPG adventure game called Azure Saga: Pathfinder. And it debuted with style! The Gameprime team played the game for a couple of hours. Here is our in-depth Azure Saga: Pathfinder review. 


Ultra Space Battle Brawl, Mojiken

Next game up is Ultra Space Battle Brawl (USBB). USBB is a Pong-inspired game that was born from an internal upgrading session held in Mojiken Studio in 2015. This is a multiplayer game where you should destroy your opponent crystal to score a point.

The game is so good that it just received BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 Game of the Year.

The game which music is composed by Manami Matsumae and Brave Wave Productions is available globally for Nintendo Switch since  July 5, 2018.

Ultra Space Battle Brawl


Forged of Blood, Critical Forge

Forged of Blood calls itself as a turn-based tactical RPG. It has similarities to XCOM series, especially XCOM 2. In this game, your goal is to conquer all the territory in the strategic map. You have a base in a form of a castle to recruit soldiers, buy upgrades, forge weapons, and create magic.

The back story of this game is quite interesting. It is about a power struggle to unite territories that rebelled from your main character’s kingdom, and other factions/races. You are acting as a prince, the brother of the king who is also the commander of the army.

Forged of Blood is developed by Critical Forge, a game developer based in Jakarta. Three times already they exhibited Forged of Blood on BEKRAF Game Prime, in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

At BEKRAF Game Prime 2018, they received an award for the most promising game.


Rage in Peace, Rolling Glory Jam

Rage in Peace is an action adventure game that emphasizes on surprise and memorization developed by a Bandung-based studio, Rolling Glory Jam.  The game aims to test the players’ skill, memory, and persistence while telling a story about life, death, and acceptance.

rage in peace

Rage in Peace started out as a prototype made for Indies vs PewDiePie Jam in November 2014. It evolved from a prototype that focuses only on the fun and rage-inducing gameplay, to an experience that tries to tell an emotional story represented in the game mechanics.

Rage in Peace is coming this year for PC and Mac. No exact release date yet, but you can wishlist the game from now on Steam.

Rage in Peace, An Action Game for PC That Promises Many Surprises!

This new game from Toge Productions and Rolling Glory Jam, Rage in Peace will give you many surprises while playing. What does the game tell us about?


My Lovely Daughter, GameChanger Studio

Next on our list is My Lovely Daughter. In this game, you portray as Faust who misses his late daughter. He wants to revive her back. So, with his alchemy skill, he tries to live up his daughter’s soul by “feeding” her using a creature called homunculi.

Faust should craft and raise the homunculi to get the suitable affinity that he can use to revive his daughter. If the homunculi have a good enough affinity, Faust can kill them and feed their souls to his daughter’s soul.

This game is quite unique because there are not many Indonesian developers who focus on gore and horror as their main aspects of the game. Kudos to GameChanger Studio on developing this game.

my lovely daughter

my lovely daughter

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