Top 10 Best Indonesian Games from BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 That You Should Play

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Indonesia is not just the place where good food lies. It is also a place where good games are developed. Sadly, not many people have known. Here are 10 best Indonesian games you should play.


Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story, Agate

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story is an RPG that lets you become a principal of a school. But not just an ordinary school, a school that trains heroes the art of combat and magic. The trained students will, then, be set forth in the world, picking up quests and setting off for adventure.

Although the game has not been released until now, Agate, the developers, showcased it during BEKRAF Game Prime 2018. It’s unique gameplay and the dynamic combat system are what makes this game good.

Worth mentioning, this is Agate’s first game to be released for consoles.

Valthirian Arc

Agate Studio’s New Game Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story To Release This Year

Agate Studio along with publisher PQube announced its newest game, Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story. It will releae later this year.


Overgod, RedRain

The next game is Overgod from Red Rain Studios. This game won the Mfun People’s Choice Awards at BEKRAF Game Prime 2018. Although the game is still in development, it shows a promising gameplay.

In Overgod, you will be playing as an OverGod ruling your own Overworld, but you are not the only OverGod in the Universe. The OverGods themselves have one golden rule, which is they must never kill each other. So how do OverGods conquer other Overworlds? They could do so by summoning the Underlings.

It is not clear how long the development process will take, but once it comes, gamers will not regret it. The game will be available for Android and iOS. For more information, you can visit their fan page.


Project Retrograde, Freemergency Studio

Project Retrograde is a physics-based twin stick brawler with a twist where your weapons don’t kill other players, but the environment does. There are also various unique weapons to chose such as machine guns, railguns, shotguns,

Some weapons shoot bullets, some bounces back bullets, and some are just there to play around.  The game also has sort of retro style graphics that bring you back in the days.

The developers of the game, Freemergency is still currently developing the game as it just debuted in BEKRAF Game Prime 2018. Its next stop, Indiegogo.


Stellar Strive, Gotta Games

Another game that you should play is Stellar Strive from Gotta Games. This 2D beat-em-up combo fusion action RPG offers a unique feature where you can combine different kinds of moves to different weapons and chain them into one set of an ultimate combo.

There are more than 80 types of moves and 5 kinds of weapon, the combination is virtually limitless. Find a combo that suits your personal combat style! This game is currently in development and Gotta Games plans to release in early 2019.


Roojack, Grim Pros

Last but not least, there is Roojack from Grim Pros Studio. It is a very beautiful and unique puzzle game. You play as Maple and Whippy searching for lost treasures in the world of Roojack. You can play single or multiplayer.

Roojackis still in development but you can find it’s official page in Steam.

Break the Record (Again)! Almost 17,000 Gamers Visit BEKRAF Game Prime 2018!

Another year, another record set. The organizer announces that almost 17,000 gamers visit BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 in three days! Are you one of them?

Best Indonesian Games

So, that’s all for the best Indonesian games. Do you have any other recommendations? Please share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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