Bluffing Billionaires Card Game: Become the Wealthiest by Bluffing your Enemies!

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Want to play a board game that is unique and unthinkable? Bluffing Billionaires can be the game that you are looking for.

Want to play a card game that is unique and unthinkable? Bluffing Billionaires can be the game that you are looking for. How does the game work and where can you buy it? Find out in the article below.

In Bluffing Billionaire, you become, well, a millionaire and have to prove other millionaires that you are the richest of them all. All the millionaires will need to show their arrogance. But you need to be careful when taking your turns.

It consists of 60 illustrated cards with various colors and numbers for a maximum of 6 players. Masbro Studio, the creator of this game says that the cards themselves are one of their main excellence of the game. The cards are really portable and do not use much space.

The target of Bluffing Billionaires is to have as much asset cards as possible at the end of the game. Players need to put a card upside down that needs to be bigger than the other players’. The game will end when a player has no more card in their hand.

Bluffing Billionaires is a game created by Masbro Studios. A company behind Best Tabletop of the Year BEKRAF Game Prime 2016, Laga Jakarta. The developer says that its main features in creating this game are simplicity, replayability, and comedy.

Bluffing Billionaires

Did we not mention the comedy aspect of the game? Well,  it’s pretty hilarious considering there are many parody characters such as Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump. Some of the cards also have a special effect on it.

What’s interesting is that Masbro Studio does not want to use a publisher to publish its games. Plus, Bluffing Billionaires is its fastest designed game

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