Bluffing Billionaires First Impression: It’s a Fun Card Game!

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

A simple, fast, colorful, and most importantly, fun game!

The Game Prime team tried out the newest card game from Masbro Studio, Bluffing Billionaires. Here is our Bluffing Billionaires first impression during BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 event.

In our previous article, we shared that Bluffing Billionaires had the potential to become a good game. So, we were curious to try it out during BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 last week. Here is our Bluffing Billionaires first impression.


The creators of the game is a company behind Best Tabletop of the Year BEKRAF Game Prime 2016, Laga Jakarta. The main features of the game are simplicity, replayability, and comedy.

In Bluffing Billionaire, you play as a millionaire and have to prove other millionaires that you are the richest of them all.

There are 6 different millionaires you can play in this game: Donald Trump, King Salman, Paris Hilton, Jack Ma, Bill Gates, and Kim Jong-Un. Each has their very own unique style of play and characterization.

How do You Play?

The game is actually very simple and straight-forward. First, you need two other friends or more to play. When we asked Nata Chen, one of the developers of the game regarding why can’t we play with just one other player, he replied, “You can but it would be wasted and you will miss the fun. You’ll understand why pretty soon.”

When you have other players ready, each chooses a character they want to play with. In this case, I took Donald Trump, my colleague Fachrul took Kim Jong-Un, whereas Nata took King Salman.

So when you have your characters set, the first player drops down a card faced back. The next player then also puts a card face-down. They also have to guess if the previous player has a lower number than you or not.

Bluffing Billionaires First Impression

In this case, Fachrul can guess by saying Nata is lying or not lying. If he says lying, then both players open their faced down cards. The player with a higher number wins the joust and gets to choose a random card from the loser’s hand.

The two cards that are being jousted will automatically go to a so-called “graveyard”. After the winner of the joust pulls the card, he/she has to put in front of them face up. This can be accumulated into points.

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This sequence repeats to each players turn. These are what the characters bring to make the game more fun and unique. Say, for example, Paris Hilton. Her character power is if the player wins a joust using number 5/6, her opponent(s) must give her a card from their hand worth currency more. Currencies are points accumulated from the cards you took from your opponent’s hand.

The game will end when a player has no cards remaining in his/her hand. Players will then count points based on the total nominal on their hand + currency points they got from the opponent.

Is it Fun?

Does making you want to play more count as fun? I guess so, right? This game was very addictive and what I imagined was playing it with the people I hang out most with. Just imagining how fun this would make me want to play straight away.

Masbro Games did a great job in making the game simple and limiting it to 6-10 minutes of gameplay. In card games nowadays, it is very important to keep the game at a restricted time-span. So, yes the game is fun and repetitive!

Should You Buy Bluffing Billionaires?

Absolute yes. The game has a pretty decent price point which is IDR125k or around US$8.6. Most card games would cost at a price point of IDR150-200k at a minimum (US$1.35-13.8). With this price point, you can get a pretty solid card material. Which is why I said it’s worth the price.

What I personally like is the box design as well as the colorful card designs. But at the moment, Masbro Games has not yet released it’s official selling platform or where to buy. We will update this article once we have updates on where to buy.

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