CHIPS: Heroes Uprising, New Mobile Game From Ciayo Games

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

After the success of CHIPS: Monster Tap, Ciayo Games released its new mobile game, CHIPS: Heroes Uprising.

CHIPS: Heroes Uprising still revolves around the previous game, but with a twist and a new adventure!

CHIPS: Heroes Uprising still sets in the Chammyland island. Chips, Coco, and Crocket have been visited by unwanted guests. These guests are aliens that isolate the island. They even took Crocket and Coco as hostages.

Chips have the ambition to save his two friends and also the others who were captured. He uses parts of the town to be his basecamp and create defenses. These defenses include towers to negate alien attacks.

Each tower can be defended by different types of heroes. These heroes also have different types of weapons and skills. The more solid the heroes weapons, the more powerful your tower can be. That means the easier you defend against alien attacks.

So, how do you create a more solid defense? Well, you have to explore the island for various materials. These materials can then be crafted to increase the power of your tower, hero, and also weapons.

Did we forget to mention the good part? Well, other than defending alien attacks, you can also attack alien bases! Yes, you can earn loot and rare items by defeating certain alien base. You can also attack other players towers in a mode called Raid Mode for additional loot.

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Currently CHIPS: Heroes Uprising is set to release for Android and iOS. But the game is still being developed by Ciayo Games. However, you can try out the beta version of the game at BEKRAF Gameprime 2018 event this July!

In the meantime, you can try CHIPS: Monster Tap which can be downloaded on Android and iOS. For our first impression of the game, stay tune only at

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