Fortnite’s Battle Pass System: A New Good Way to Monetize in Games

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Will we see more of this in the future?

Creating new creative ways to monetize in gaming is not as easy as it seems. The loot box systems seem to be outdated nowadays. But Fortnite’s Battle Pass system can be a revolutionary way for developers to monetize their games.

Remember when Electronic Art’s Star Wars: Battlefront II had a massive protest from their players? Well, this is due to the fact that EA was only expecting money from its loot box system. This made gamers furious because the more the players buy, the more they will benefit in the game.

We can say that the loot box system is something that is not innovative and clearly shows that the developers or publisher do not want to spend more effort on creating a more creative way of monetizing. They only want it the “easy” way.

Fortnite's Battle Pass System

An interesting article put up by Slashgear reveals that Fortnite’s Battle Pass system can be an interesting new way to help developers and publishers. So, how does this system work?

Every season, players have the option of buying a Battle Pass for US$10, which features 10 weeks of challenges to complete. As players complete these challenges and move through the Battle Pass tiers, they unlock new emotes, in-game currency, skins, and other cosmetics. There are 100 Battle Pass tiers in all, each with something different to earn.

Fortnite's Battle Pass System

What’s different than loot box system is that with the Battle Pass system, Epic encourages players to continuously play with the lowest possible money required. This is also in-line with the Fortnite gameplay experience where things can get really boring once in a while.

PUBG Corp Suing Another Company, This Time Epic Games’ Fortnite

PUBG Corp is at it once again. This time PUBG Corp is suing Epic Games for its hit game, Fortnite. This obviously resides to one question: Aren't both partially owned by Tencent?

However, when Epic can keep players playing without being bored, it is really a plus. It also is the opposite of loot boxes where gamers do not appreciate nowadays. Will we see other games implementing this type of feature in the future? We believe so.

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