How Close is the DreadOut Movie to Its Original Game?

By Nugraha Satria

DreadOut will be the first Indonesian game that will be adapted into a live-action movie. Will it directly adapted from the game?

DreadOut is probably one of the most popular horror games developed by Indonesian developer. Since its release in 2014, DreadOut had caught the attention of both local and international gaming communities. DreadOut became much more popular since it was played by PewDiePie, the most famous Youtuber to date, and posted on his channel. This game now has been adapted into novels, comic, and, the latest: live-action movie.

The live-action adaptation of DreadOut itself will be directed by KimoStamboel, a member of Mo Brothers who had made some popular movies like Rumah Dara (2010) and Killers (2013). Kimo admitted that he had interested in DreadOut since it first released and kept contacting Rachmad Imron, the producer of the game, about the possibility of making a movie out of it. Since Imron himself admitted that he is a fan of Kimo’s works, he wanted the DreadOut to be adapted immediately. But after some consideration, this live-action adaptation was put on hold—until today.

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The DreadOut movie is now on the making, and before it is released, many will wonder: how close is the live-action version to its original material? At BEKRAF Game Prime 2018, this question was asked when the DreadOut developer and movie teams held the press conference. Kimo as the director answered that it will be different from the game.

He explained further that the experience of playing a video game and watching a movie is different, hence he wanted to tell the different aspect of the game story. While the game might be different, but he assured that the live-action will feature characters and even ghosts and creatures from the game.

dreadout movie

Besides the press conference, they also showed us behind the scene video of the movie. This behind the scene video showed a lot of stunt equipment—so expect the movie will have a lot of actions when it released. Imron said that one of Kimo of Mo Brothers’ specialty is action, so why not adding some intense action scene on the DreadOut?

Best Selling Indonesian PC Game DreadOut Will be Adapted into a Movie

Top PC game developed by Digital Happiness, DreadOut, soon will be adapted into a movie. Here are the first details about DreadOut movie!

Unfortunately, the video didn’t show us any of the actors/actresses that will star in the movie.

The DreadOut movie will be released in 2019.

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