Microsoft Recruits Developers to Race Sony’s PlayStation

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Is this the right move for Microsoft?

It’s not a secret that Sony is leading the way in terms of consoles against Microsoft. With Sony’s PlayStation 4 doubles the sales of Microsoft’s Xbox One in 2018, it’s no wonder Microsoft recruits developers to overcome this problem.

Another logical reason why Microsoft recruits developers is that Microsoft wants to secure premium titles. Premium titles have been one of keys success for PlayStation 4 and big reasons why it’s leading Xbox One.

Microsoft took the stage during the E3 conference last week and announced 5 high profile developers. These developers are Ninja Theory, Undead Labs, Playground Games, We Happy Few’s Compulsion, and last but not least: “The Initiative”.

Ninja Theory was the first developer introduced by Microsoft. With its previous work Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, high hopes are obviously on the rise for it. No word on what type of game the company will develop. But it will definitely gain funding from Microsoft itself. So, it is worth waiting for.

Forza Horizon series developer Playground Games, on the other hand, is working on something big, according to  Microsoft’s Executive President of Gaming Phil Spencer. The AAA game (which everyone knows) might be Fable 4.

The Initiative is the one that has the most questions. It is a new studio that Microsoft did not state what projects it is working on. So, what does this mean to Microsoft’s future in the gaming industry?

Microsoft Recruit Developers

One thing for sure is that Microsoft made the right move since it is lack of Xbox One exclusives. With the acquiring, Sony can not mess and bother to cooperate for an exclusive title.

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But obviously, Microsoft needs to prove itself. Fable 4 can be a good start, especially when it can boost the sales of their Xbox One’s console. Nevertheless, it’s worth keeping an eye out on what its future actions are.




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