Recap of BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 Day 1: Business Day

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

“Four years ago there were not many people attending conferences like these,” said Elizabeth Galuh, one of the panelists from Streamline Games.

BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 day 1 saw over 500 participants including media and VIPs. The opening day of the event shows that Indonesia’s enthusiasm in the game industry is fairly high. The event was held 13 July 2018 at Ayana Midplaza, Central Jakarta.

“Four years ago there were not many people attending conferences like these,” said Elizabeth Galuh, one of the panelists from Streamline Games. “But now, so many people have come and shown more support to the game industry. It’s a really pleasant scene.” Elizabeth finished.

The day was started with “How to Optimize Your Network” session lead by Hari Sungkari from BEKRAF, Arief Widhiyasa from Agate, and Adam Ardisasmita from Arsanesia.

BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 Day 1

How to Optimize your Network panel

Next panel was one of the most anticipated panels as it featured Ian Purnomo, the Public Relations and Developer Relations for Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore. Also, featuring was Elizabeth Galuh, the associate producer for Streamline Games. The two were discussing “What to Expect When You Work in a Foreign Company”.

Langer Lee from Xflag took the floor during the third session of the event. He shared his experience on “Project Management Guide for Game Developer”.

Justin Ng, showcasing his team’s newest game, Stifled.

Silvia Wibowo and Brian Fan from Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Mfun both showcased their companies services for the next panels. Silvia explains how AWS is being used by large companies whereas Mfun showcased their newest service and announced an indie games competition.

Wan Hazmer, Beautiful and Engaging Game Design panel

The session for “Game Marketing for Indie Developer” was lead by Justin Ng from Gattai Games. He explained how most South East Asian companies should plan for their marketing, especially for newcomer studios.

Last but not least, and also the most cheerful panel, “Beautiful and Engaging Game Design” by Wan Hazmer. Wan, who is a former Square Enix game designer enthusiastically shared his experience. It includes tips and tricks to build and lead a good team of game developers and basically how to make your game appealing.

BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 Announces Its Conference’s Speakers and Their Profiles

The BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 committee has officially announced its first batch of speakers for the Business to Business (B2B) event.

The BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 day 1 came to a wrap after the VIP guests enjoyed their dinner while chit-chatting with their business counterparts. For more info and details of each panel, stay tune only at gameprime.org.




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