BEKRAF Game Prime 2018: Arsanesia Set to Bring Two Exciting Games

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Indonesian developers, Arsanesia, are set to bring two new exciting games to the table.

One of the Indonesian developers, Arsanesia, is set to bring two new exciting games to the table. The two games were showcased during BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 public day last week. Those games are Summer Town and Si Juki: Warteg Mania.

What are the games about? Find our preview below!


Summer Town

Summer Town is a virtual pet simulation game for Android. But it’s no ordinary pet simulation game like Tamagotchi. Raden Lerika, the game designer for Summer Town said, “There will be a lot of mini-games in this game such as fishing, cooking, and puzzles.”

So basically, by playing these mini-games, players can earn experience to level up your pet. With these experience, you can buy items to decorate your pet’s room and show others what type of pet lover you really are.

Summer Town and Si Juki: Warteg Mania

Summer Town’s gameplay and design are claimed to target girls as their primary audience.

At the moment, the game is still in development and Arsanesia hopes to launch the game later this year.

Arsanesia Gets Funding from Discovery Nusantara Capital

After funding Touchten Games, Toge Productions, and DUNIAKU Network, DNC continues its investment in the Indonesian game industry through Arsanesia.


Si Juki: Warteg Mania

Now, this was a game we did not see it coming until BEKRAF Game Prime 2018. Si Juki: Warteg Mania is a simulation game that utilizes iconic Indonesia’s comic character of Si Juki and also Indonesian cultural culinary called Warteg.

The CEO of Arsanesia, Adam Ardisasmita said that they had not said anything about the game until now. What’s unique is that the game is a three-way collaboration. “We not only work with Pionicon, who has the official license for Si Juki character but we also co-develop the game with I Play All Day studio from Surabaya,” Adam said.

Adam also added that the game is 70% ready and set to release at Popcon 2018 this September. “We will not release the game fully, however, we still want to try a couple of things out,” Adam said.

Break the Record (Again)! Almost 17,000 Gamers Visit BEKRAF Game Prime 2018!

Another year, another record set. The organizer announces that almost 17,000 gamers visit BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 in three days! Are you one of them?

Summer Town and Si Juki: Warteg Mania are two games that have high hopes especially from the Game Prime team. For more on the two games, stick with gameprime.org.

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