SuperData Numbers: Pokemon GO Comeback, Fortnite Slightly Declining

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Some interesting numbers from this research.

Pokemon GO is one of the most anticipated games….. in the past. But SuperData numbers indicate otherwise. According to the market analysis firm, the mobile game has had its highest player base since summer of 2016.

Niantic, the developers of Pokemon GO has done a really good job maintaining the player base for the last two years. They included some really nice updates including the newest one, trading. According to SuperData, Pokémon Go earned $104 million in May. This is up 174 percent from the same period last year.

Inside the report, SuperData also shares that the hit game Fortnite is slightly declining in terms of the total number of sales. Superdata put Fortnite’s revenues for May at US$318 million, up 7% from April.

This is pretty exciting because Fortnite had massive sales each month and keeps on growing. 33% of sales went up in April, whereas 77% in March. The game’s growth in May was powered primarily by the console version, as mobile and PC revenues were essentially flat month-over-month.

Superdata Numbers

Despite all that, Fortnite broke US$300 million in monthly revenue for the first time. So, it’s not like the game is dead or on the verge of extinction.

On the console part, Detroit: Become Human is the latest exclusive Sony game. It sold 291,000 digital units at launch in May. That is quite some number for a console-exclusive game and new IP.

Last but not least, SuperData highlighted EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II. Remember when they had an issue with players for micro-transaction? Well, now EA introduced a new system plus additional content in May. However, players were relatively muted as it may have been dimmed by other AAA games.

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