Here are the Winners of BEKRAF Game Prime Awards 2018!

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir


Winners of BEKRAF Game Prime Awards 2018 have been announced. If you missed the announcement during the event, don’t worry we have it all covered up for you.

A total of 50 developers from around the nation showcased their game during BEKRAF Game Prime 2018. Some were lucky enough (and well deservedly) receive awards for it. Here is the full list of winners of BEKRAF Game Prime 2018!


Most Innovative Gameplay: King's Play (Mintsphere)

The most innovative gameplay for this year’s event goes to King’s Ploy from Mintsphere. The game combines two elements: a puzzle game similar to 2048 and chess to create a unique gameplay.

This game provides a chess-like board (but with fewer square), complete with its chess pieces. With Mintsphere offering a unique style of gameplay, the very well deserved the Most Innovative Gameplay award.


Most Promising Game: Forged of Blood (Critical Forge)

The next award is Most Promising Game. This award goes to Forged of Blood. It is a turn-based tactical RPG. similar to XCOM series, especially XCOM 2. In this game, your goal is to conquer all the territory in the strategic map. You have a base in a form of a castle to recruit soldiers, buy upgrades, forge weapons, and create magic.


Game Industry Icon: Hari Sungkari (BEKRAF)

This year’s Game Industry Icon goes to Hari Sungkari. Hari is the Infrastructure deputy from Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF). His role in supporting local game developers is a big reason why he is the game industry icon. Congratulations, Sir.


Game of The Year: Ultra Space Battle Brawl (Mojiken Studio)

Ultra Space Battle Brawl

To receive Game of The Year is every developer’s dream. But it can only go to one game and this year, it goes to Ultra Space Battle Brawl (USBB) from Mojiken Studio. USBB is a Pong-inspired game that was born from an internal upgrading session held in Mojiken Studio in 2015.

This is a multiplayer game where you should destroy your opponent’s crystal to score a point. Recently, it has been announced for Nintendo Switch which is a big accomplishment.

Finally, Ultra Space Battle Brawl is Coming To Nintendo Switch

After a couple of months of delay, finally, Ultra Space Battle Brawl is releasing on the Nintendo Switch. Are you excited?


Best Publisher: Toge Productions

Not long ago Toge Production announces itself becoming a game publisher. Today, Toge Productions becomes the best publisher for BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 Awards. The publisher’s recent effort in funding Game Changer Studios and also publish some big names such as Ultra Space Battle Brawl and My Lovely Daughter is a big reason why it is named best publisher.


Best Booth: Own Games

Winners of BEKRAF Game Prime Awards 2018

Each year in BEKRAF Game Prime event, developers bring something to show. But other than showing their games in the booth, they also show their creativity through their booth. This year, Own Games showed something unique.

It basically adapts its newest game Own Coffee Shop to real life. It did that by selling coffees and snacks, too! Take a look at their booth, isn’t it creative?


Best Tabletop Game: Candrageni

Candrageni is a board game that revolves around an ancient Indonesian civilization called Mataram. In this game, you are entrusted by The King to build Candi or Temple and establish profitable trading with foreign nations. The game itself was published by Kompas, a big media company from Indonesia.


Citizen Choice Award: Redrain

Citizen Choice Award is an award in collaboration with Mfun. Guests are entrusted with a sticker that they need to place in the booth they feel has the best game. This year’s winner goes to Redrain studio who showcased their game, Overgod.

BEKRAF Game Prime 2018: Tips to Create Solid Networking During a Game Event

If you come without a business card in a developers conference, find the nearest Snapy. It's the first tip to create a solid networking during a game event. 

So that is it for winners of BEKRAF Game Prime Awards 2018 and we will see you next year.

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