Youtube Introduces New Features Similar to Twitch

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Great news creators. However…

Youtube introduces new features for its creators to tackle demonetization. However, the new feature somewhat seems familiar to its rivals: Twitch.

After waiting for around two years, Youtube finally shared its new monetization methods for streamers and content creators. As reported by Polygon, one of the features includes a US$4.99 channel membership that gives subscribers exclusive content, subscriber badges and special emojis (or emotes, as they’re known on Twitch) that people can use.

Although the feature is undoubtedly familiar, Rohit Dhawan, YouTube’s senior director of product management did not acknowledge that. Nevertheless, it would really benefit for creators who have only depended on Google AdSense.

“We really spent a lot of times with creators,” Dhawan said. “These last two years, it’s been a ton of conversations with small and large creators. All my inspiration is going to come from what they have said, they would like this product to kind of be. The thing that I think that makes us distinct is how incredibly customizable this is. The perks that the creator comes up with is a blank slate. We just listened to our creators and viewers, and this is what they thought would actually help them the most. That’s really where the inspirations come from.”

Youtube Introduces New Features

There is a “but” in this new feature though as not all creators can have this privilege. Creators with more than 100,000 subscribers who belong to YouTube’s Partner Program can charge a monthly recurring fee of US$4.99 that gives viewers the ability to sport tier badges.

Not only that, according to the press release, the subscribers can also get members-only posts in the Community tab and access to unique custom perks offered by creators, such as exclusive live streams, extra videos, or shoutouts.

Twitch is Still the Biggest Streaming Platform, But Youtube Gaming is Getting There

It is the start of 2018 and gaming industry looks more promising, especially in the streaming category. A well known Streaming service, Streamlabs has released data regarding the increase of streamers in all big platforms, including Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Mixer, Facebook Live, and also Periscope.

But what’s really exciting especially for creators is that Youtube will only charge 30% of the channel’s membership revenue. This is different from Twitch which charges 50%. This info is according to Youtube’s official website.

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