PUBG Corp Reveals 5-Year Plan for PUBG Esports

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

At the PUBG Global Invitational, PUBG Corp shares its 5-year plan for PUBG eSports. Its main focus is to create stability and universal rulesets.

At the PUBG Global Invitational media day, PUBG Corp shared its 5-year plan for PUBG eSports. Its main focus is to create stability and universal rulesets. This is why at beginning of 2019, PUBG Pro Leagues will be rolled out for Europe, North America, China, and Korea.

The 5-year plan for PUBG Esports majorly identifies 2 problems that it is facing right now. Those two problems include financial stability and the disparity in rulesets between regions.

Financially, PUBG Corp. plans to implement multiple revenue streams for pro teams, including merchandise, prize pools, and revenue share opportunities. One of the solutions the board came up with is the ability to purchase in-game cosmetics during PGI 2018.

The cosmetics will theme after the 20 finalists, with teams earning a share of the revenue from sales of their branded items.

Moving on to create stability and universal rulesets, the company will launch a series of regional professional leagues. In Q1 of 2019,  PUBG Pro Leagues will be rolled out for Europe, North America, China, and Korea with the potential to expand into additional regions in 2020.

5-Year Plan for PUBG Esports

Each league will be operated day-to-day by regional partners. The Pro League season will summarise each year in a world championship, bringing the regions together.

With this news, it shows that Bluehole and the PUBG Corp are wanting to make PUBG a giant in the eSports industry. There have been questions in the past whether PUBG is worthy enough to become a great eSports game.

PUBG Corp Suing Another Company, This Time Epic Games’ Fortnite

PUBG Corp is at it once again. This time PUBG Corp is suing Epic Games for its hit game, Fortnite. This obviously resides to one question: Aren't both partially owned by Tencent?

This is because of the game’s complexity (and also other battle royale games) in putting in 100 players at the same time. However, with this plan. It seems likely that the battle royale genre will strive in eSports.

Expect other games especially Fortnite to follow up. What do you think about PUBG‘s future plans for eSport? Will it succeed? Share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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