Coffee Talk Demo Review: A Unique Way of Chilling

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

The game is interesting because the idea of it is to create a gameplay simulating the feeling of just drinking tea or coffee.

Toge Productions is delivering us a new game that is planned to release this year. The name of the game: Coffee Talk. Recently, the company released the demo version of the game. Here is our Coffee Talk demo review.

Coffee Talk is a game where you become a barista in a coffee shop. Your job is to serve drinks to customers. How your customers will react and what stories they will share depends on the drinks that you serve.

What’s interesting is that the game has a 90s anime-inspired graphics with many characters other than human. It’s the year 2020 where orcs, elves, and human actually rejoice in one city: Seattle.

The game is interesting because the idea of it is to create a gameplay simulating the feeling of just drinking tea or coffee. While at it, talking to strangers and becoming friends. Nothing beats that feeling according to many people. This game plans to resemble that.

When I tried the game, I was excited by the stories the customers will share and how the gameplay operates. On the very first day I opened my coffee shop, I met two elves arguing about their relationship.

Coffee Talk Demo Review

I wouldn’t say that the story was unique or anything, but the characters are definitely a plus. Now, to the gameplay.

I was really confused because there was no tutorial whatsoever. Only a message by the character who ordered something on the top left. I don’t know if the game encouraged us to try things out. But, that’s what I did.

My first customer was a human novelist named Freya. She wanted a triple espresso. In this game, you have to combine ingredients from coffee to chocolate and from ginger to mint.

There is a main ingredient slot, primary and secondary. Now, there is no explanation whatsoever, but I assume that these slots will trigger the bars on the bottom right which indicates how warm, cool, sweet, or bitter your served drink will be.

It’s interesting because I can combine a lot of ingredients the way my customers wants. But there was one time when I purposely delivered coffee when the customer wanted chocolate. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling because, in a flash, he said he wanted to go home.

I don’t know if I delivered him the right drink he wants, he will stay for a while or not, but it was a pretty nice experience.

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There are still a lot of things need to be answered for Coffee Talk. But one thing’s for sure is when I am needing a friend or just someone to talk to while drinking, it’s likely that I will play the game.

So far, that is my Coffee Talk demo review. Be sure to download the demo here.

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