Microsoft and Nintendo Promote Cross-Play Platform. How About Sony?

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Where is Sony heading?

Microsoft and Nintendo are two giant gaming companies known for their consoles. The two seem to be getting along nice with their recent cross-platform promotion. Sony, on the other hand, is not so well.

Nintendo and Microsoft just launched a new video that deeply promotes their relation through cross-play platform. The platform involves Nintendo’s Switch and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

One major reason why cross-platform is becoming a hot topic and why the companies want to invest money in this is because of one game: Fortnite.

Cross-Play Platform

Well, it’s not only Fortnite but also with Rocket League. Since Sony is restricting players to play with other players using a different console in Fortnite, Microsoft and Nintendo take advantage.

Here is Fortnite‘s cross-platform compatibility:


Platforms Mac and Windows PC Mobile Xbox One PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch
Mac and Windows PC Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Xbox One Yes Yes Yes No Yes
PlayStation 4 Yes Yes No Yes No
Nintendo Switch Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Despite gamers urging Sony to take action and implement cross-platform, it has not responded to those players. Instead, you will need to have two Epic Games account. One for PlayStation and one for the other console(s) you want to play with.

Despite Sony’s action, Microsoft and Nintendo promoted a video of cross-platform featuring the hit game Minecraft. The video which you can see above is very blunt in supporting cross-platform.

The tagline of the video itself is “Create together, explore together, survive together. Better together.” This video is also a trailer to promote the new Minecraft version for Nintendo Switch.

Xbox Head: Next Xbox Console is Under Development

Companies all showcased their newest games during E3. In particular, the Microsoft team announced that the next Xbox console is under development.

Although the two companies did not want to take it to another level by using sarcasm on Sony, it’s clearly one that jabs Sony in the face. Hard.

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