Interview with Izzuddin Al Azzam: Discussing Emago and the Future of Cloud Gaming in Indonesia

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Cloud gaming is real in Indonesia. But how is the future?

Cloud gaming has been one of the topics we frequently see in the gaming industry. However, its presence is often shadowed by other topics. In this segment, the Game Prime team had an opportunity to share about the future of cloud gaming in Indonesia with the co-founder of Emago.

There is no doubt that cloud gaming is a topic for the future. But how far is the future? What if I tell you that cloud gaming will be officially introduced in just a couple weeks from now? Well, here is our full interview with Izzuddin Al Azzam, CEO and founder of Emago Gaming, regarding the future of cloud gaming in Indonesia.

Can you tell us how the cloud gaming service works?

To put it simply: Game runs in a cloud, not just data, but an application, then we remote it to our PC or laptop.

However, you will need to have installed a team client such as Emago team client. It’s like when opening Youtube, you will need Adobe Flash for the videos to operate in your system.

When you have finished installing the client, chose a game, and basically, you can play immediately while streaming in the background with your internet connection. To put it simply, it’s like streaming on Youtube, but in the form of a game.

But the most important thing is that you do not need to have a highly fast connection, as long as it’s stable, you will have a nice gaming experience.

Can you tell us about the history of Cloud Gaming in Indonesia?

To be precise, there is no history in cloud gaming itself. This is because there are no companies that focus on cloud gaming. However, when looking abroad, there is a company in the US called Onlive.

This is a company created around 4-7 years back. Unfortunately, they went bankrupt because, back then, the internet was not as fast as today. Previously, the internet speed of 1 MB was categorized as fast. But cloud gaming needs a minimum of 4 MB internet speed.

But, the failure of Onlive triggered other companies to create a cloud gaming-based service.

Can you tell us about Emago?

In early 2017, Mugi, the founder and I were thinking “why can music and films be streamed but games cannot?” We, then, conducted a research on cloud gaming and asked ourselves: can this be implemented in Indonesia?

Our goal in creating Emago is to raise the revenue of industry game in Indonesia which right now is being “colonialized”. The Indonesian game industry is one of the biggest in the world, ranking 16th. However, the Indonesians only obtained around 1.6% of its total revenue.

Our goal is also to facilitate gamers who do not have access to buy high-end gaming laptops or PC hardware since each year there are a lot of new games that come in with better graphics thus making us have to upgrade our hardware.

Not to mention that when your storage is maxed out, you will need to buy a new hard disk. As a gamer myself, I know what it’s like and have been in these types of situation before and I strongly object against.

Can you tell us the bond between Telkom company and Emago itself? Where does the relationship lie?

So Emago is actually a startup company where PT Telkom is its main and only investor. All of the four founders of Emago are Telkom employees. However, Emago is our idea and is supported financially by Telkom.

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Why do we choose Telkom as our investor? The answer is obvious, cloud gaming relies heavily on internet connection. It has the widest range of internet connection in Indonesia. Telkom owns 60% of fiber internet connection market in Indonesia.

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