Fortnite’s Release Will Push Android to Over 170 Billion Downloads in 2018

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

This means that it will have 20 billion downloads more than last year. 

According to App Annie, Fortnite‘s release will push Android to over 170 billion downloads by the end of 2018. This means that it will have 20 billion downloads more compared to last year.

Despite not launching via the Google Play Store, it does not stop the downloads for Android to keep coming. This is why App Annie boldly states that Fortnite for Android will push Android downloads over 170 billion downloads.

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Since its initial release on iOS, Fortnite has made 5 times more revenue than its competitorPUBG mobile.

Players outside China spent approximately US$700,000 in the iOS version of PUBG Mobile. Compared to that, Fortnite (which currently is only available in iOS) has gathered an estimated revenue of US$3.7 million in the first week of release, also outside of China.

Fortnite for Android was recently a hot issue as the company, Epic Games, did not want to release the game through Google Play Store. Claiming that Epic  Games will only get 70% of the total income was one of the major reason why it held back.

With that, Google created a notification in the search bar for people searching for Fortnite. They did that to make people realize that the other apps that claim themselves to be Fortnite were all fake. In fact, this is also another reason why Epic Games does not want the game to be in the Play Store.

The game also became the largest free-to-play console game in terms of revenue. It also officially surpasses PUBG. Consumers spent US$8.9 billion globally across all platforms in March 2018.

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Fortnite is shown to have generated US$223 million across all platforms (console, PC, Mobile) in March, up to a whopping 73% from February. Despite the fact that Google Play Store was not the place Epic Games has chosen, Google should thank them for releasing the game for Android.

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