Here’s Why Fortnite is not Released on Google Play Store

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

“It’s a high cost in a world where game developers’ 70 per cent must cover all the cost of developing, operating, and supporting their games.”

Unfortunately, Fortnite is not released on Google Play Store. Fortunately, Android players can still download the game through Epic Games’ website.

Everyone was wondering when Fortnite would be released on Android after the game was released on iOS back in April. There were too many speculations and drama until Epic officially announced the game. Yup, Fortnite is not releasing through Google Play Store.

PUBG Corp Suing Another Company, This Time Epic Games’ Fortnite

PUBG Corp is at it once again. This time PUBG Corp is suing Epic Games for its hit game, Fortnite. This obviously resides to one question: Aren't both partially owned by Tencent?

One of the key reasons why Epic took the path to not release the game through the Play Store is because of the cash. One of Epic Games representative told Gamespot:

“It’s a high cost in a world where game developers’ 70 per cent must cover all the cost of developing, operating, and supporting their games. And it’s disproportionate to the cost of the services these stores perform, such as payment processing, download bandwidth, and customer service.”

Yes, if Epic was to release on the Play Store, they will only receive 70% of the total revenue. This led Epic to redirect users to go to their website and download the game there.

Fortnite is Not Releasing Through Google

What’s interesting and also worth pointing out is before the release, there were a lot of searches on the Play Store of Fortnite. This led Google to warn users that Fortnite is not available in their store.

Fortnite is the Largest Free-to-Play Console Game in Terms of Revenue

This game is certainly a phenomenon. Fortnite is the largest free-to-play console game in terms of revenue. It also officially surpasses PUBG.

Google’s notification on the Play Store was to make people realize that the other apps that claim themselves to be Fortnite were all fake. In fact, this is also another reason why Epic does not want the game to be in the Play Store.

Epic’s  CEO, Tim Sweeney spoke to Polygon by quoting:

“I don’t think we should fault Google or Apple for the appearance of clones. They operate stores that accept hundreds of thousands of products from the developer community, so it would be impossible to keep track of original authorship, and there’s a reasonable DMCA notice process for developers to inform them when copyright infringement does occur.”

Fortnite made 5 times more revenue on iOS than PUBG Mobile in the first week of in-app purchase release. And now, it will likely to continue the success through the Android version of the game.

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