Celebrate Indonesia Game Day with This Special Indienesia Bundle on Steam!

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

This bundle contains five games made by Indonesian developers with a special discounted price!

Every 8th of August, Indonesia’s game industry celebrates a special day called Indonesia Game Day or Hari Game Indonesia (Hargai) in Bahasa. This special day brings a message for every gamer in Indonesia to support the local game industry, such as play the game that is developed by Indonesian game developer.

To celebrate this year’s Hargai, some Indonesian PC game developers collaborate to create a special bundle on Steam called Indienesia Bundle. This bundle was first initiated by Toge Productions and will include some Indonesian-made PC game with a special discounted price.

This bundle is not only for celebrating Hargai 2018 but also to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day that will be commemorated on the 17th of August.

indonesia game day - indienesia bundle

Indienesia Bundle contains five PC games, all developed by the Indonesian-based studios. Some of the games are award-winning games and have been sold more than a hundred thousand copy in Steam. Here’s what you will get through this special bundle.

  1. Infectonator Survivors (Toge Productions)
  2. DreadOut (Digital Happiness)
  3. Azure Saga: Pathfinder (Masshive Media)
  4. My Lovely Daughter (GameChanger Studio)
  5. Celestian Tales: Old North (Ekuator Games)

You can get the bundle with US$ 33 starts from now, the 9th of August until the 22nd of August 2018. This 50% discount deal surely is a great deal for you who want to know about Indonesian-made games or to complete your Steam library.

On a side note, this is the third year celebration of Indonesia Game Day which was first introduced in 2016. Every year, there are many events and game deals to celebrate it, such as BEKRAF Game Prime or this Indienesia Bundle.

Indonesia Game Day, An Annual Campaign to Support Local Game Industry

Indonesia Game Day held annually on 8th of August and the purpose is to raise the gamer's awareness about local game industry.

Hopefully, all of these initiatives can support the growth of Indonesia’s game industry and help the games to gain more attention from the local and international gamers.

To get this special bundle, go through this bundle page. 

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