Interview with Igor Tanzil, The Designer of Forged of Blood, Indonesia’s Most Complex Game

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Two words to describe the Forged of Blood: Fantasy XCOM. Here is our full interview with Igor Tanzil!

During BEKRAF Game Prime 2018, I interviewed Igor Tanzil, Creative Director of Critical Forge. It is the team behind Indonesia’s most complex game, Forged of Blood.

Forged of Blood is undoubtedly Indonesia’s most complex game at the moment. It is a fantasy tactical driven game where your goal is to conquer all the territories in a strategic map. You have a base in a form of a castle to recruit soldiers, buy upgrades, forge weapons, and create magic.

Indonesia's Most Complex Game

Igor Tanzil (right) when receiving the Game Prime Awards 2018

The game recently notched BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 Most Promising Game. And it’s for a good reason. The team of developers did an exceptional job in bringing a so-called “fantasy XCOM game”.

Igor Tanzil is the creative director of Critical Forge and is the man in charge of Forged of Blood‘s game design. Here is our full interview.

Can you talk about the game itself?

Indonesia's Most Complex Game

Two words to describe the game: Fantasy XCOM. But if XCOM simplifies the tactical genre, we expand on it. Say for example in XCOM, soldiers have a history of where they are from. However, it does not affect the gameplay whatsoever. Whereas in Forged of Blood, these personal stories can affect your gameplay. For example, a soldier may leave you.

But that is just one of the few complex features in the game. In Forged of Blood, you will play as the second son of a murdered king of Attiras. It’s your job to lead the army and take over the country. Currently, your brother stands as king. It’s your choice to follow him and become an ally, or rebel against.

We come up with an interesting feature called Tri-axis Philosophical Index (TPI). Instead of a binary evil vs. good like in most games, you cannot say someone is good or bad. It’s more like a personality measurement for characters.

The TPI will play through everything. So the main story is driven by you and your brother. He has his own TPI, your actions will not only affect your TPI or your brother’s TPI.

If you compare Forged of Blood to other tactical games, where does your game stand?

Indonesia's Most Complex Game

I would say our game is very different from other RPG games such as Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance. In fact, I would say the game stand in between. You know where most tactical RPG has one party where you deploy. In Forged of Blood you have 3 parties you can deploy at any given time.

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We have 9 different weapons, each weapon has its own skill tree with 2 main archetypes. And we have the spell crafting system where is like the crème de la crème of the game.

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