Interview with Igor Tanzil, The Designer of Forged of Blood, Indonesia’s Most Complex Game

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Two words to describe the Forged of Blood: Fantasy XCOM. Here is our full interview with Igor Tanzil!

There have been comments about the game’s complexity, what would you say on that?

That’s actually an interesting question. Because there is still an ongoing debate regarding this. However, we still don’t know. We thought that this was a cool idea and we went for it.

Say for example our spell crafting system which I mentioned earlier. So our magic system is driven from the lore. It’s a stone called Magerite. It’s taken from another being that you have to harvest.

Each stone can be a stone to three different schools. There is thermal, arcane, and spirit. Thermal is the heat, arcane is the weird stuff, and spirit is about the mind, body, and soul.

To use in a tactical layer, you need to push energy out or push energy in. When you start the game, you have a neutral charge. And so you can go either way, drain or expel. Say you have a thermal stone and you cast drain, that pulls damage. If you expel, that’s heat. From there, each one of those has 8 different effects.

There is Base which is straight up damage. There is Zeno which is like an alien kind of thing. We want players to craft their own magic using the Magerite system. Players can use this system to create how their spells will work. Attraction, Sporadic-gosh I don’t even remember all of it.

So each spell can pull up to five. you pick one and say you pick Base damage, and then you can choose what that does by using effect modifiers. And then there’s 12 of them.

Is this game on beta right now? What is the state of development?

Indonesia's Most Complex Game

We consider ourselves alpha. Our feature is completed but we’re also still in massive balance and polishing. Right now it’s slightly optimized for GTX 760 and we’re trying to fully optimize it. But it would not be easy.

Trying to balance across 9 different weapons and 26 levels, the curve is insane. Here’s what makes it so difficult. In many games, when you want to make a fireball, you just click fireball right?

In Forged of Blood, in casting fireball, you take thermal, base, and you add empower to increase damage. But that’s not over, you need to add a duration effect, length, and width. That’s a fireball.

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Next step will run an AI simulation to make sure no weapon is OP. We do not want to rush the game. Our main priority is to make it fun.

With all of that being said, I definitely needed more time to try out the game. So Igor invited us to Critical Forge’s office to really try it out and see how fun it is. To know more on Indonesia’s most complex game, stay tune only at Gameprime.org.

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