Interview with PlayStation Asia: How PSX SEA Recreates the Excitement from the US’ PSX Event

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

This second event in Southeast Asia was a blast! Here’s our interview about how they recreate the excitement and the challenges to do a PSX event in this region.

PlayStation Asia already held its annual gaming event in Southeast Asia, PlayStation Experience SEA 2018 (PSX SEA 2018) last August. This was the second time they held a PSX event in this region after gaining huge success in the US.

In this event, you were not only can play some brand new PlayStation games. There are many other contents that you can enjoy such as watching the guest star’s performance, attending the talk show, getting some official merchandise and many more. There was also a specific area for around six indie game developers from Southeast Asia to exhibit their latest PS4 game.

In this article, we have an opportunity to talk with Ian Purnomo, Public Relations and Developer Relations from Sony Interactive Entertainment. Ian explains to us how they replicate the hype and excitement from PSX US to PSX SEA and the challenges for them to hold this event in Southeast Asia.

PSX SEA 2018

Ian Purnomo

Hi Ian! PlayStation Experience SEA 2018 (PSX SEA 2018) was a blast! Congratulations to you and all of PlayStation Asia’s team. Can you tell us a little bit about how you feel now that it’s over?

PSX SEA 2018 in Bangkok was the second time we organized PSX in Southeast Asia and we are glad that the event went well.

PSX SEA 2018

Wha are the challenges for PlayStation Asia to recreate the event’s experience from North America to Southeast Asia?

PSX in Anaheim has been one of the most highly anticipated gaming events in the world. We aim to bring similar type PSX US experience to fans in the host country of PSX SEA. Aside from bringing our game demos, we also needed to consider contents and offerings that appeal to the users in the host country.

Why did you choose Thailand as the event’s host for this year’s event?

We see that our business growth in Thailand has been tremendous and we’d like to engage with our fans in Thailand.

Also, how do you select the game lineup to be showcased in PSX SEA? How did you select the guest for this event?

For every PSX, we always try to bring the latest demos of upcoming titles that people are looking forward to. For this PSX, we’ve managed to bring demos of Marvel’s Spider-Man, FIFA 19, Kingdom Hearts III, and Resident Evil 2 Remake.

As for guests, the selection is a mix of upcoming games (e.g.: Dragon Quest XI’s producer and Low Cost Cosplay’s Astro Bot PS VR stage event), as well as content that appeal to local market (e.g. Slot Machine performance presented by PlayStation Music and Detroit: Become Human casts: Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blair, which have massive following in Thailand).

PSX SEA 2018

Will there be another PSX SEA in the future? How are you going to choose the next event’s host?

We aim to have another PSX SEA in the future though we haven’t finalized timeline and location yet.

We will start to work on the choices of next PSX’s host country once we have more information on upcoming titles since different type of games appeal to the different country in Southeast Asia.

Nowadays, there are more and more indie games from the SEA that will be published in PS4. What do you think about this?

We think it is very encouraging. With over 80 million PS4 consoles sold globally, indie games from the SEA have a good opportunity to develop and publish games that could appeal to the global market.

PSX SEA 2018

Are there any initiatives from PlayStation to encourage more indie developers in the SEA to publish their game in PS4?

We are communicating regularly with various game development companies in the SEA who are working on PS4 projects or keen to work on a PS4 project. We also have streamlined our onboarding process with the aim to provide better support to developers in the region.

6 Indie Games from Southeast Asia That Exhibit on PlayStation Experience SEA 2018

There were six indie developers made by Southeast Asian developers in PlayStation Experience SEA 2018. We tried them, and here's our impression

Other than that, we also pay a visit to game development events in the region (e.g.: KL Level Up and Jakarta BEKRAF Game Prime) to learn more about the local game development scene.

Does the PSX SEA already meet PlayStation Asia’s expectations?

We believe so! We have improved from last year’s PSX in Kuala Lumpur. For PSX SEA 2018, we have bigger space, longer duration (2 days instead of 1), more game content (over 25 titles with playable demo) and the wider variety of stage activities (e.g.: Gaming Key Opinion Leader, video game casts, development team and mainstream music act).

PSX SEA 2018

What content do you want to see in the next PSX SEA?

We haven’t started our internal discussion on next PSX yet. Our key objective for next PSX remains the same: to bring the latest demo of upcoming games to the audience in Southeast Asia. Additionally, we will also try to bring well-known video game personalities to engage and to interact with PlayStation fans in the region.

Thanks for your time, Ian!

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