Valve is Creating a Newer Version of Steam Spy

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Good news for developers

After Valve recently ended Steam Spy with their update, the company has some good news. Yup, this time, Valve is creating a newer version of Steam Spy.

On April 11th, Steam updated its privacy options, giving more control over the privacy of one’s Steam account. However, do not worry. A newer version of Steam Spy is currently developed by Valve themselves.

Steam Spy is a service that uses public data from Steam’s profile. It generates the statistic of game sales, hours played, and other forms of data it can get. After the updated policy though, people’s game libraries are now hidden by default. This means that Steam Spy are not able to access those data.

Jan-Peter Ewert, Valve’s head of business development addressed the topic in response to a question from indie dev Michael Kuzmin about Valve’s take on Steam Spy’s utility.

The main point of emphasis is that Valve is working on the new tool can work much better and even more accurate. “Our general approach has always been to provide open APIs so that when we don’t offer the amount of tools that we should, the community can step in,” explains Ewert.

“So, to be clear, we don’t have a business selling iPhones,” said Ewert, explaining why both developers and Valve benefits from analytical tools of Steam Spy. “The only way we make money is if you make good decisions in bringing the right games to the platform, and finding your audience.”

Although the timetable of the development is unknown, this newer version of Steam Spy will definitely bring a smile for all gaming industry participants. Steam Spy has recently been a reliable partner for determining marketing decisions.

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We will keep you updated on the progress of Valve’s newest project.

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