Rising Hell First Impression: Metal Journey of Hellbreakers

By Nugraha Satria

Make your way through hell with some heavy-metal riff in this game!

Rising Hell, previously titled as Hellbreaker, is one of the most promising video games showcased in Game Prime 2018. Developed by Tahoe Games and Published by Toge Productions, Rising Hell is an action platformer roguelike video game that has you play as Arok, a man with a cool and mysterious claw that let him destroy Hell’s inhabitant known as Belial.

Aside from Arok, there is another character that you can also play: Arok’s Demon Form. This character has a different fighting style. If Arok uses melee fighting style, the Demon Form uses long range fighting style while still able to pull off some melee combos. Character design-wise, this Demon Form has better overall character design and animation than Arok—and easier to play.

The game is simple: you have to jump and climb through stages while fighting off various kind of Belials. This game has a simple combo but surprisingly satisfying. Each time you create a combo, you’ll get a counter on the top right of the screen. This feature is interesting because it makes you curious about how much combo you can get—makes you feel challenged. On the other hand, the stage design—especially the boss fight stage—is good.

rising hell first impression

Perhaps, the greatest thing about Rising Hell is its scoring. The heavy-metal riffs will accompany you as you fight your way out of the hell. It is very entertaining and matches almost—if not—perfectly at each stage you play. If you like heavy-metal music, you probably will love the theme of this game.

rising hell first impression

There is not much to complain about Rising Hell. But, if there is any, it is the upgrade system. The upgrade of powers doesn’t seem to affect too much on the gameplay. It is almost unnoticeable by the eyes, especially for Arok. But, on the other hand, the unnamed character has a lot of interesting upgrade like Cerberus which makes him able to shot spread fire energy through three directions.

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Rising Hell is now in the development stage and set to release for PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. If you’re interested in this game, you can follow the game’s official website.

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