An Enjoyable Easy Going Game: Here’s Why you Should Play Hollywhoot

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

In this article, I will share you some basic gameplay guides as well as reasons why you should play Hollywhoot. P.S. It’s a really fun game!

After spending a couple of weeks playing Hollywhoot. I came up with a conclusion that this game is a very nice game to play. In this article, I will share you some basic gameplay guides as well as reasons why you should play this game!

Before I explain the details on gameplay and reasons why you should play Hollywhoot, I previously wrote a review article for the closed beta version. Be sure to check that article out.

Hollywhoot Review: Be the Greatest Movie Director in the World!

It's not too hard to be the greatest movie director in the world. When playing Hollywhoot, anything can happen. Here is our Hollywhoot review after spending time playing the game. 

Hollywhoot is an idle clicker/simulation game based around parodies of Hollywood actors, actress, and movies. You play as a movie director from the very early stage of your career to become the best movie director there is.


Be Patient

A lot of gamers these days tend to judge a game by only a few couples of minutes rather than being patient. Even though I will not say the game is boring in the early stages, there are some cool features when you hit the mid to late game.

Which is why I advise you to be patient while playing and don’t judge a book by the first few pages. At the mid to end of the game, you are encouraged to explore and fill out your encyclopedia of actors.



The encyclopedia. A great concept on late game. Can you collect all the characters?

The encyclopedia feature is probably what makes this game very addicting. One of our jobs in this game is to get all the actors from tier 1 to tier 3. Tier 1 and tier 2 are relatively easy. However, tier 3 is the most challenging part.

So basically, we have to evolve every actor from tier 1 to tier 3. However, when evolving, you will need a certain skill set. For example, the parody character of Mr. Bean, James Bean. Since I have unlocked him, I can see that he has a minimum attribute of >53 Physical, >53 Charisma, >53 Acting.

So when I have Austeeth Power at his previous tier, I need to adjust his stats in order to get James Bean. But since I have him already, I want to avoid the stats that can evolve to James Bean again. Sounds complex but you will get the idea.

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