Balap Kuliner Board Game Review: Find the Right Path to Buy Your Foods

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Balap Kuliner is a board game that features an iconic culinary taste of Indonesia. Here is our Balap Kuliner review. Check it out.

During AFA Play 2018, the Game Prime team had a chance to try and play Balap Kuliner the board game. The board game features an iconic culinary taste of Indonesia. Without further ado, here is our Balap Kuliner review.


Balap Kuliner or Culinary Race is a board game where we walk around the city while looking for delicious snacks from the city of Semarang, Indonesia. It tells about local and foreign tourists who meet at a culinary festival in Semarang.

The tourists have to race to find delicious roti Ganjel Rel (Rabbit Buns), the sweetness of Wingko Babad (small Coconut Pancake), the delicious Bandeng Presto (Pressed-cook Milkfish), and the crispy but juicy Lumpia (Spring Rolls).

The tourists have to struggle to find those delicious snacks. They have to find the fastest way to the store that sells the food. Not to mention they will face the heat of the weather and the crowded traffic jam in the downtown. Not only that, but they also need to wait for the shuttle bus on the right timing to get them home and bring the delicious culinary safely.

How to Play

In each player’s turn, there are 4 phases to do. The first is using card phase, where the player can use up to 2 action cards in his/her hand. The second phase is moving the character token, where the player can move his/her character token to the target tile as long as the paths are connected.

The third phase is drawing action card phase, where the player draws cards from the action card deck until he/she has 4 action cards in his/her hand. The last phase is moving the shuttle bus token to indicate the end of player’s turn by choosing one shuttle bus token and move it clockwise.

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The player needs to find the snack cards and bring the snacks to the bus to win the game. The player can only carry 1 snack at a time.  Each of the snack cards has a special ability that the player can use.


The game is absolutely fun in terms of what we can do to make ourselves strive as well as make our foes miser. However, there were a couple of things that we feel really needed to improve. It was none other than that the board itself which was not good.

The tiles that we used to rotate were not as tidy as we expected. But in terms of gameplay, the developers did a great job in bringing something unique to the table.

That is all for our Balap Kuliner review. If you wish to buy the game, you can do so by clicking this linkBalap Kuliner is sold for IDR 259,000 or US$17.5.

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