Here are the Board Games That Will Represent Indonesia at SPIEL 2018

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

After further selection, here are the board games that will represent Indonesia at SPIEL 2018. Who are they?

After further selection, here are the board games that will represent Indonesia at SPIEL 2018. Who are they?

On August 23rd, 2018, 29 board games lined up for a further selection process. The selection process was done by Indonesia’s Board Game Association (Asosiasi Pegiat Board Game Indonesia/APIBGI) and the Indonesian Creative Agency (BEKRAF).

The jurists include Bonifasius Wahyu Pudjianto (BEKRAF), Sappe Sirait (BEKRAF), Galih Aristo (APIBGI), Arie Setiawan(APIBGI), and Wicak Hidayat (APIBGI). 25 out of the 29 board games will represent Indonesia at SPIEL 2018 in Germany. Eight of the 25 titles will be represented specially at the Archipelageek booth called Indonesia Select.

These 8 games are:

  1. Mahapatha from Morfosic Studio
  2. Mahardika: Edisi Merah Putih from Manikmaya Games
  3. The Festivals from Manikmaya Games
  4. Aquatico from Manikmaya Games
  5. The Art of Batik from Hompimpa Games
  6. Orang Rimba from Hompimpa Games
  7. Waroong Wars from Tabletoys
  8. Smong from Manikmaya Games

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The other 17 games are:

  • Ibnu Batutah from Maen Main
  • MAMMON’S LABYRINT from Holzritter
  • Acaraki The Java Herbalist from Hompimpa Games
  • Kedai Kopi from Manikmaya Games
  • Raja Luwak from Morfosic Studio
  • Stockastic from Coralis Entertainment
  • Math Cat from Hompimpa Games
  • Bluffing Billionaires from Masbro Studio
  • Varna from Morfosic Studio
  • Roket Raket from Manikmaya Games
  • Senggal Senggol Gg. Damai from Hompimpa Games
  • Flipeek Medieval from Coralis Entertainment
  • Ulee Kareung from Hompimpa Games
  • Flash Juice from Hompimpa Games
  • Karnaval from Hompimpa Games
  • Oktet from Morfosic Studio
  • Bam-Bam Clash from Tabletoys

Thanks to all the participants and thank you also for contributing for Indonesia. We hope that these games will get noticed by board game enthusiasts from all around the world.

Thank you also for the Indonesian government for coordinating and making a chance for board game makers to shine in the 66mbooth at SPIEL 2018.

Edited by Devi. Source: Boardgame.id




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