AFA Play 2018 Panel Recap: Tips on How Game Companies Make Money (Part 2)

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

“We feel that eSports will be the trend in the near future. From a market perspective, we feel that gamers like free games and can pay later. This is why Mobile Legends, PUBG, and Fortnite are on the rise.” -Kris Antoni

During AFA Play 2018, 4 game industry actors stepped up to share their experience in “How Game Companies Make Money” panel. I had the chance to listen to what they discussed, and here is part 2 of the recap.

This year’s AFA Play 2018 collaborated with Anime Festival Asia (AFA) at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE). Aside from all other Anime-related events at the stage, one event was related to the game industry. The panel is called “How Game Companies Make Money”.

There were four panelists during this panel. Those four people were:

  1. Shieny Aprilia: CMO of Agate International
  2. Nico Alyus: CEO of OmniVR
  3. Kris Antoni Hadiputra: CEO of Toge Productions
  4. Febrianto Nur Anwari: Senior Editor at Duniaku Network and Lead Editor at Game Prime

I will share the recap based on the topics that were brought up and the insights from each of the panelists. Note that there will be 2 parts for the recap. This is the part 2 of the recap. For part 1, you can check out here.

Is creating services and offering business solutions to clients a good way to run a game company?

Shieny shared the status of Agate by explaining:

“In Agate, other than creating games and IPs, we also offer clients solutions and create games for them. We believe that creating a business solution is a good way to boost the company’s income. There are a lot of companies that have a lot of money but do not have access to many gaming services. This is where we come in. We previously developed a sniper VR game for a cigarette company. There are a lot of other companies who offered us to create games for their company and solutions. We feel that we need to make the company sustainable so this is a great way.”

Kris on the other hand shared:

“In Toge, we do not do this kind of business. However, since last year we have been focusing on trying a different business approach which is publishing promising games from developers. By doing this, we can see potential games from developers and make them move in the right direction. We will help them in marketing, PR, and also the scheduling of the release. There are a lot of developers who feel that they can finish the game in a short period of time because they need money. This is what we want to minimize. We want them to release the game at the right time to  live to its full potential in terms of gaining fan/players and in revenue.”

How Indonesian Gaming Companies Suffer From Bringing Dev Kits

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Nico finished up this topic by adding:

“There are a lot of young and wild developers out there. These developers are often only thinking about gaining money as fast as possible. This is not how you should be thinking. And it is why it’s very important to share with experienced developers.”

Want to know more on the “How game companies make money” panel? In the next page, I will share more of it.




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