AFA Play 2018 Panel Recap: Tips on How Game Companies Make Money (Part 1)

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

From what the best way to monetize your games to tips to be a VR developer, this is our first part of tips on how game companies make money.

We talked about the behavior of the Indonesian market, how are they’re behavior if we look at the VR industry? What is the potential for a developer?

indonesian game industry predictions 2018

Nico, an expert in VR shared his thoughts by saying bluntly that being a VR developer right now is not yet “sexy” in Indonesia.

“There are many obstacles when being a developer for VR in Indonesia. VR is relatively something new in the game industry. If you want to be a developer, you need to focus on solution/service first than to have a mindset to create a game first.”

“This is because creating a VR game is not easy. Secondly, it will be really hard to monetize your games. That is why the best thing to do is to create your VR arcade studio first to share the fun with your audience.”

“From a user perspective, they are now growing knowledge of what games are good in VR. Last year, VR in Indonesia was like “Wow”, this year, it’s starting to be more usual. The next few years people will feel that VR is an ordinary thing.”

“Before it becomes usual to consumers, it is time to create an arcade first. Channels where people can try. This is where you get your money. So, create games for your arcade. You can then maybe commercialize it abroad.”

What if there are developers who want to create their own VR games. Can OmniVR help them to promote and market the games abroad?

Nico went on to explain:

“The problem with VR is that there are 3-4 platforms and none of them are leading. So if you want to be a VR game developer, you need to “gamble” which platform you want to choose.”

The Future of Virtual Reality in Indonesia: Right On Track, but Moving Slowly

Emerged around the end of 2015, virtual reality (VR) developers from Indonesia have been growing steadily since. But what does the future hold for them?

“Once that is done and your game is categorized as good, then we can help. You need to know what you will be doing with your VR game first, that’s the most important part.”

Our recap of “How game companies make money” will be continued to part 2.

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