Story Behind Happy Glass, a Hyper Casual Game from Indonesia that Rules the App Store’s Top Rank

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

This game becomes a new phenomenon both in Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. Here’s the story behind the game’s development process.

Last August, there was a new hyper-casual game released on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. It’s Happy Glass, a game that was developed by Game5Mobile from Indonesia and published by Lion Studios from the US.

In this game, your task is to draw a line to fill up a glass with liquid from a bucket. Sound simple? But wait for the twist. Later on, your task is not only to draw a guideline the liquid so that it can fill the glass. Your task is more difficult, starting from aligning the glass, preventing it from fall down, or preventing another obstacle to fall into the glass.

And still, you can only draw a line to do it all!

This simple but addictive game soon become very popular both on Android and iOS. Only a couple days after releasing, Happy Glass rule the top games rank in more than 29 countries, including Cina, Japan, Korea, UK, and the US. Here’s the snapshot data from the AppAnnie earlier this September.

How they do that? We had a chance to talk with Steve Lie, CEO from Game5Mobile who based in Surabaya. In our discussion, Steve talked a lot about the story behind this game, how they worked together with Lion Studios remotely, and also the future plan for the Happy Glass.

What is your inspiration while creating this game?

At the beginning of the development, we really wanted to create a hyper-casual game. So, when we researching the market, it turned out that puzzle physics drawing mechanic is a genre that quite popular.

Most of those game brings the theme of mixing two objects such as Brain Dots, Love Balls and Hello Stars. Because we want to create something different, we decided to create a physics game that has a water element on it.

Then, can you tell us how did your collaboration with the publisher start?

Based on their portfolio and early intensive talks, the publisher was interested in collaborating with us, especially for the hyper-casual game. Lion Studios is now focusing on hyper-casual games indeed.

The fun fact is, Happy Glass is the sixth game that we submit to the publisher since we start our collaboration. It has the best metrics from all and meets the publisher’s expectation.

In this collaboration, we only focus on the development process. The publisher handles all of the marketing and publication strategies.

Happy Glass

You collaborate with a Lion Studios that based in the US. So can you tell us a little bit how do you work with them?

In our case, first, we must submit a game to test the market and collect the data. If the metrics are good, we can continue with the publishing process. In this step, we start to communicate intensively to polish and optimize the game before launch.

For coordination, we use common tools such as Slack, Google Drive, and Email. As simple as that.

The challenge is, we live in the different time zone with the publisher. So, we often have to work overtime in Indonesia. Lol!

In your opinion, what are the advantages of working with a publisher compared to self-publishing that you have done in the past?

The most noticeable difference is, now we can focus on the development process. The publisher handles all the marketing and publication process.

Another advantage is we can also get the wider market knowledge from them because they are an expert in that field. Actually, we can also get the knowledge if we do the self-publishing. But it takes more time and money rather than collaborating with a publisher.

But it doesn’t mean that as a developer, we don’t do the market research by ourselves. Still, as a developer, we should continue to learn and collaborate to learn from the others.

Happy Glass

So is the download number already met your expectation? And what is your plan for the next update?

For the number, actually, it is already beyond our expectation. Now, our focus is to optimize some elements so it can perform better in the market.

And also, now we maintain the game by rolling out the weekly updates. So every week, you can play some new levels that more challenging than before!

Thanks for your time, and good luck with the game!

You’re welcome!

Interested in trying the Happy Glass? You can download the game for free on Android and iOS platform through the link below.

Happy Glass Download: Android (Free) / iOS (Free)




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