Popcon Asia 2018 Will Feature Top Indonesian Board Games

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Popcon Asia 2018 will host various pop culture exhibitions. Not to mention, this event will also feature top Indonesian board games. 

Popcon Asia 2018 is right around the corner. This year’s Popcon Asia will feature top Indonesian board games that will represent Indonesia at Essen SPIEL 2018 in Germany.

Popcon Asia 2018 will be held at the Indonesian Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD on 22-23 September 2018. The event will host various pop culture exhibition such as film, games, books, and comics. Not to mention, this event will also feature top Indonesian board games.

On October 2018, a total of 24 board games will represent Indonesia in Essen SPIEL 2018. The selection process was done by Indonesia’s Board Game Association (Asosiasi Pegiat Board Game Indonesia/APIBGI) and the Indonesian Creative Agency (BEKRAF).

Some of the top titles include:

  1. Mahapatha from Morfosic Studio
  2. Mahardika: Edisi Merah Putih from Manikmaya Games
  3. The Festivals from Manikmaya Games
  4. Aquatico from Manikmaya Games
  5. The Art of Batik from Hompimpa Games
  6. Orang Rimba from Hompimpa Games
  7. Waroong Wars from Tabletoys
  8. Smong from Manikmaya Games

For the full list, you can visit the previous article that we made in the thumbnail below.

Here are the Board Games That Will Represent Indonesia at SPIEL 2018

After further selection, here are the board games that will represent Indonesia at SPIEL 2018. Who are they? Check it out.

This year, the previously known Tabletopia (area for board games) will be called Archipelageek due to the fact that BEKRAF supporting the event. BEKRAF is also preparing an award for Indonesia’s Board Game of the Year.

By supporting the board game industry, BEKRAF hopes that this particular industry can grow, especially when introducing to millennials who most often focus on digital games.

BEKRAF also wants to respect the creators who put their effort time in time to make great board games, especially when they are representing Indonesia.

For those who want to come to the event, it’s your chance to try out various local board games. Not only that, but you can also give the developers feedback on what you think about the game and what you think could be improved.

So, we’ll see you there.

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