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Valve Allows Uncensored Adult Games for Steam

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

A couple of months ago, controversies flared regarding adult content from Valve. Now, the company allows uncensored adult games for Steam to be released. 

It was only a couple of months ago when controversies flared regarding adult content regulations from Valve. Now, the company allows uncensored adult games for Steam to be released.

A couple of weeks ago, Valve released a new tool for users. This tool gives them the ability to ignore individual developers, publishers, and curators, while also granting more control over the type of mature content they see.

Eventually, this tool means something related to the adult contents. Yes, Valve has approved that uncensored adult games are allowed to be published.

The news first came from developer Dharker Studios. Their visual novel adult game, Negligee: Love Stories has launched uncensored, and Steam approves.

Previously, the company has taken down a couple of games that relate to adult content. A number of publishers and developers went out to Twitter to state their disagreement. HunieDevNeko Works, and Lupiesoft all reached out on Twitter. Most notable protests came from developers Lupiesoft.

Although Negligee is already up on Steam. Players must opt out to not see such contents on their home store page. Additionally, players who want to see adult content on their home store page must also be manually enabled.

Uncensored Adult Games for Steam

But bear in mind that since Valve has been trying out various different regulations, we cannot tell how long this will last. Nevertheless, this will motivate many adult content developers to publish their games on Steam.

Valve Aiming to Take Down Games Containing Adult Content

Valve is aiming for games containing adult content on Steam. In fact, the company has sent a warning to take down the sexual contents. Is it the right move?

However, it is worth noting that Steam’s existence in countries that block adult content might be in jeopardy. Such as in Indonesia, we still do not know if the Indonesian Government will block it or not.

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