Interview with IDEA Network: The Challenges of BEKRAF Game Prime 2018

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Fun fact: The team in charge of the event was made up of only 5 people. Here’s our interview with Monica Kansy, Chief Events and Community Officer (CVCO) from IDEA Network.

Another year, another great story for BEKRAF Game Prime. The 2018 event gathered a total of 17,000 gamers in the span of 3 days. This success, however, is not without sacrificing time and effort. In this article, Monica Kansy will share the challenges of BEKRAF Game Prime 2018.

Monica Kansy is the Chief Events and Community Officer (CVCO) for IDEA Network. She is the one responsible in making sure that BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 and the previous Game Prime’s were held in fashion. I had a chance to discuss with her the challenges of BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 and many more.

Here is our full conversation:

Game Prime (GP): Did you expect BEKRAF Game Prime to have these many gamers coming?

Monica Kansy: Actually, it was last year when we were a bit shocked.  The total number of gamers that came to the event two years ago was 6,000-ish. Last year, it was around 13,000. So basically it was more than half the people that came, and we were not ready for it.

This year, however, 17,000 gamers came and thankfully we were ready. It was hard at first on what we can do. But adjusting the layout of the venue to make it more comfortable for gamers was one of our priorities.

GP: How many people were involved from IDEA Network to make BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 happen?

Challenges of BEKRAF Game Prime 2018

Monica (center) and Fira (left) are the two who are in the event division for IDEA Network.

MK: Only 2. Yup, you heard me right. The event team only consists of me and Fira. Well, actually there are 5 people that we call the main team in charge. two people from the event, one from editorial, and two marketing.

The event team specifically starts to think and act the since 1 year before the event. So, basically, we put in a lot of effort for every BEKRAF Game Prime.

GP: How big of a help does the Indonesian government offer to support Game Prime?

MK: It’s definitely something huge for us. They (BEKRAF) are very open and welcome. That is why any ideas we feel can help make a better event, we share and ask for help through BEKRAF.

But we also realize that the funding comes from the government which means that it’s the people’s money. So, we want to make sure that they get all the benefit they deserve. And of course, we do that by putting all our effort to create the best event possible.

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GP: How will BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 be next year?

MK: We are following the trend. We feel that eSports are growing and BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 will feature— and we will try to make it bigger than the previous years.

We are also going to create more space for local developers to showcase their games. and for the players, we do not want them to just play the game but feel the experience.

If possible, we want BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 to be created inside a bigger venue, such as malls. This year’s BEKRAF Game Prime were (literally) packed with people. So, in order to gain a more massive group of people, changing venue is something we and BEKRAF are considering strongly.

GP: Thank you for your time, Monic!




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