Coffeetopia: A Board Game That Will Promote Indonesian Coffee

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

BEKRAF recently held a contest for local board game developers. The winner, Coffeetopia will represent the country to promote Indonesian coffee. 

The Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) recently held a contest for local board game developers. The winner of the contest will represent the country to promote Indonesian coffee. The winner goes to Coffeetopia. 

According to Boardgame.id, a total of 13 titles from various Indonesian developers were competing. The contest which took place during the span of August, however, sees Coffeetopia as the winner.

There are a lot of themes that developers placed in their game. There are some which let you play as a barista and coffee exporter. Others focus on Luwak coffee, Q&A based on Indonesian coffee, or auctions coffee seeds.

But based on the juries, only one board game that stands out and that is CoffeetopiaCoffeetopia is a game developed by Masbro Games known for their previous board games, Laga Jakarta and Bluffing Billionaires. 


Image: Boardgame.id

Recently, their board game, Bluffing Billionaires received an award for Popcon 2018 Board Game of the Year. The game itself lets players collect coffee seeds from various places in Indonesia.

The seeds collected will then be exported to various countries. This game offers more than 15 varieties of coffee from Indonesia and is divided into three regions: West, Mid, and East.

In our recent interview with Nata Chen, one of the developers of Masbro Studio, he said that hopefully, the game can bring knowledge for tourists to get to know about Indonesian coffee.

Nata also added that it was an honor for them to be chosen by BEKRAF and be represented as the official coffee souvenir from Indonesia. They hope to deliver more cool games in the future.

Bluffing Billionaires First Impression: It’s a Fun Card Game!

We tried out this new card game. Here is our Bluffing Billionaires first impression during BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 event!!

BEKFRAF will print 1,300 copies of the game and will be distributed in their future events. BEKRAF also hopes that Indonesian developers can showcase their great ideas through board games and digital games.

Once again, congratulations to Coffeetopia and Masbro Studio for their awesome work.

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