Disney and Singaporean Developer GoGame Announce Their Debut Title in SEA Market

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Disney Epic Quest will feature characters from Disney and Pixar movies such as Big Hero 6, The Incredibles and Wreck it Ralph

Disney makes its debut in Southeast Asia. Collaborated with Singaporean developer GoGame, they are ready to publish a new mobile game called Disney Epic Quest, the first title to be developed in and published specifically for the Southeast Asia market. 

The collaboration was announced at GameStart 2018 that was held in Suntec City Singapore, 13 and 14 October 2018. At the special session for the media, Disney and GoGame also show the first look of the mobile title.

“As a mobile game company with an Asia focus, it’s a great honor to work on a Disney game that’s developed by, hosted in and published for our fast-growing Southeast Asia region,” said David Ng, Founder & CEO of GoGame. “And as fans of Disney and Pixar, we’re proud to be able to bring the magic of their characters from the movie screens to mobile screens and ultimately, to the heart of our players,” he continued.

Disney Epic Quest

“At the heart of everything we do at Disney is great storytelling, and we draw upon the most beloved stories and characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars to create high-quality interactive game experiences for fans of all ages,” said Dan Dossa, Vice President & General Manager, Consumer Products Commercialization, The Walt Disney Company South Asia. “Our collaboration with GoGame underpins our commitment to our Southeast Asian fans to deliver games unique to local tastes and preferences,” he added.

Disney Epic Quest

Disney Epic Quest is an action RPG that brings together Disney and Pixar characters in one universe. In this game, you should build a party that consists of three characters. Some of the characters come from the movies, such as Big Hero 6, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles (1 & 2), Wreck-It-Ralph and Mickey Mouse & Friends. 

Disney Epic Quest

The most interesting is, each Disney and Pixar character in the game has been thoughtfully designed to be as unique as their personalities in the movies. Every character also has a specific class, and every class has a specific attribute that differs from each other.

Casual gameplay for casual players

disney epic quest

We also tried the demo provided in Disney & GoGame booth. The first time you jump in, you will feel familiar with the control. At the bottom left, you will see a virtual joystick to control the character’s movement. And at the bottom right side, you can find some virtual button for basic attack and unleash the character’s special skill.

In the demo version, we only tried the single-player component. But GoGame also planned to have more modes when the game is launched, such as multiplayer co-op and multiplayer PvP.

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The game will launch in 2019 in Southeast Asia and will be available in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Simplified Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. You can pre-register yourself through the official website to get a notification and also bonus items when this game is launched.

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