Interview With Hendry ‘Jothree’ Handisurya, Hearthstone Silver Medalist of Asian Games 2018

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

From how the Hearthstone Indonesia Community helped him and his thoughts on eSports in the future for Indonesia, we break down a lot of topics with Jothree.

Indonesia came up big during the 2018 Asian Games eSports Exhibition. They finished second just behind China. We had a chance to talk with Hendry ‘Jothree’ Handisurya, the Hearthstone Silver Medalist of Asian Games 2018.

It was not without the sweat for one to win the Hearthstone silver medalist of Asian Games 2018. Hendry ‘Johtree’ Handisurya is a professional Hearthstone player who has experienced many tournaments and events throughout his career. Jo, as people call him, also went through a process of tournament selection with the rest of the Hearthstone Indonesia Community before winning the title.

Recently, he and his team represented Indonesia in the Hearthstone Global Games tournament. He was also active in games such as Starcraft and Warcraft 3 before entering Hearthstone. 

We had a chance to interview him. During the opportunity, we talked with Jo and discussed various things. From his preparations to the after-effect of Asian Games 2018.

How does it feel representing Indonesia in an eSport tournament at home?

Image: Kumparan

It feels very different from other tournaments that I have played. Obviously, there is more motivation when representing Indonesia, especially in our home ground.

In terms of training, there is no specific priority, everything is important in every tournament I go. Luckily, I have a training team which consists of top Hearthstone players in Indonesia. They are DouAhouNexok40, and Rezdan.

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Does the support from the Hearthstone Indonesia Community help you a lot?

Hearthstone Silver Medalist of Asian Games 2018

Definitely. From the moment I started practicing till the moment I got my silver medal, they are a big boost of confidence in my game. It also made me smile when I opened my Facebook account after the event.

I didn’t realize that this much of support was given. Many people said that the supporters inside the arena were very loud. Sadly I couldn’t hear any of them. But knowing that you have such a massive support is very huge for me.

We talked more with the Hearthstone silver medalist of Asian Games 2018. One of the topics was his thought on eSports in Indonesia in the future.




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