Indonesian Console Gamers Behavior in 2018 – Part 1

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

What game console that they own? What kind of game that they like? Here’s our break down based on our private research

As the most populous country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia surely is also the most interesting market almost for everything, including the game industry. Moreover, the number drastically increased when the mobile games started to rise in early 2010.

How about the console gamers? Although the number is still behind the mobile and PC gamers, console gamers community in Indonesia is still quite big and loyal. In this article, we try to break down the Indonesian console gamers behavior in 2018.

indonesian console gamers

Note that all the numbers are based on our private research. We have already released a survey participated by our gaming community in September 2018.


Indonesian console gamers

indonesian console gamers

More than 30% (36.2%) of the respondents said that they had one or more console/handheld to play a game. This number is quite big, although it can’t compare to the respondents who owned smartphone/tablet to play a game.

indonesian console gamers

But console was the main option to play a game in the past. Although now they are not owning any single unit, 85.1% respondents said that they had one or more consoles in the past.


The first game console

indonesian console gamers

What is the first game console that they own or they know? Thirty-nine point five percent of game console owners said that they were first introduced to the game console in the fifth generation (PSOne, Sega Saturn, and Nintendo 64).

There is a logical reason behind this answer. At the PSOne era, the game console center was on the rise. This kind of game center existed almost in every big city in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and Yogyakarta. Surely, the game center played a major part in introducing game consoles to more gamers in Indonesia.

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This phenomenon continued for six generations where there were so many PS2 game console rentals. That’s why the sixth generation is the 2nd popular answer with 32.7% respondent.


PlayStation is the market leader

indonesian console gamers

Since that phenomenon, PlayStation has become the market leader in Indonesia’s console game industry. As for now, 78.5% console gamers said that they have one or more PlayStation console or handheld (PS3, PS4 or PS Vita) to play a game. Nintendo lies on the second place with 11.8%, followed by Xbox with 9.7%.

indonesian console gamers

What are the reasons that make them choose a console? Sixty-one point nine percent (61.9%) respondents said that the exclusive title was the most important things. With a great exclusive title line-up such as God of War, Uncharted and the latest, Marvel’s Spider-Man, so no doubt that PlayStation (PS4) still the market leader in Indonesia.

The features (39.5%) and also brand image trust (32.7%) are, respectively, the second and third most popular answer. With the solid performance and more exclusive titles since PSOne, there’s no doubt that PS4 will continue the PlayStation legacy in Indonesia.


How often they play?

indonesian console gamers

Playing console games is surely different than playing mobile games. While you can play mobile games almost everytime and everywhere, you need a dedicated place and time to play a console game.

With longer playthrough and countless replayability, 63.7% of the respondent said that they needed 1-3 hours per day to play a console game. Then, 32.2% of the respondent said that they needed more than 3 hours per day to play it.


Gameplay is the number one

indonesian console gamers

Around 68% of the respondent said they look at the gameplay first when deciding to play a new game. Addictive and exciting gameplay or a gameplay that meets their favorite is the key factor to decide or buy the new game.

Around 41% of the respondent also said that they preferred to play a sequel if they already played the prequel before. The most interesting is about how a demo/beta version converts to sales. Using the demo/beta version to attract Indonesian gamers is less effective. Only 16% of the respondent said that they decided to play or buy a game after getting impressed with the demo.


Most played genre

indonesian console gamers

Game genre classification based on Wikipedia

Action Adventure is the most played game among Indonesian console gamers. Nearly 70% of the respondent said that they often play action adventure games in their console.

Indonesians also like some short playthrough yet competitive games such as fighting and sports games, especially football. Forty-six point six percent (46.6%) of the respondents said that they like to play a fighting game, and 45.2% play some sports games.

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