Insurgence: Chains of Renegade, One More Indonesian RPG Sets to Release on PC

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

It’s a classic RPG elements mixed with visual novel taste. Here’s our preview of the Denpasar based Platonic Game Studio’s debut game on PC.

Platonic Game Studio from Denpasar, Bali sets to release its first debut on PC platform. Named Insurgence: Chains of Renegade, this game will mix RPG elements with some visual novel taste.

This game is not only the first game to be developed by Platonic Game Studio but also the first game to be published by publisher Something2. So, what is Insurgence, and how about the story?

From the official Steam page, the story of Insurgence will set in Aereon, an empire on the brink of a civil war. You will portray as Rissa and her friend Diana, knights who are assigned by Rissa’s father. They have a mission to stop the civil war by capturing one of the opposition leaders. Along the journey, Rissa will discover an unpleasant truth hidden by the empire. Will she stay loyal with the empire?

insurgence chains of renegade

Platonic said that the gameplay will take more than 10 hours. Like we said before, the game will mix some classic RPG elements with visual novel taste. When you enter into battle, you will experience a classic turn-based combat. But when you go deeper into the story, you will see that Insurgence has a lot of visual novel taste, from the dialog to the art style.

insurgence chains of renegade

insurgence chains of renegade

Every character has its own skill and can level up along your progress. Not only that, but you can also get a new skill when you equip some specific weapon or accessories.

Insurgence already released its trailer, featuring popular utaite (Japanese term for people who cover previously released songs) from Indonesia, fleurishana. You can also hear the voice in the opening and ending game later when this game is released.

Insurgence: Chains of Renegade is one of the BEKRAF Game Prime 2018‘s indie exhibitor, and set to release on PC at 10th November 2018. Platonic also open a pre-order session for the fans who want to get the physical edition. If you’re interested, you can start to wishlist the game from now, that will be labeled with US$ 5 price.

insurgence chains of renegade

We already try the game and will write a review article about it. Stay tuned to!

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