Interview with Yuya Tokuda & Kaname Fujioka: Story Behind Development and the Future of Monster Hunter World

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

How does it feel when got involved in this one of the Capcom’s biggest titles? And also, what are their plans for the future?

Monster Hunter World becomes a new phenomenon this year. Since its first debut in January 2018, the title has sold more than 10 million copies around the world. This game also beats some records, such as Capcom’s fastest selling game when releasing both on consoles and PC.

The four years of the development are worth it now. But like the other game development’s phases, there are some interesting stories behind it. So, when GameStart 2018 took place in Singapore this October, we got ourselves a chance to do a group interview two key members of the Monster Hunter‘s team: Yuya Tokuda (Director) and Kaname Fujioka (Artist).

Both Tokuda and Fujioka shared the experience developing this title and gave a little insight about how to be a good game developer. Also, they answered some of the questions about Monster Hunter World’s future plan.

What is your biggest challenge when developing Monster Hunter World?

Monster Hunter Team (MHT): One of the biggest challenges is at the first time, at the beginning of the prototype phase, we only create the world without adding weapons. So we just want to know how the habitat is like and how the monsters are living in that. So, it’s a very tough job to communicate between people who are expert at this and have the idea with the people who will develop it.

So, the communication process often took so much time before we can progress it to the next step of the development.

monster hunter world interview gamestart 2018

What inspires you most when creating the monsters in Monster Hunter World?

MHT: First of all, when we want to create a monster, we start it by thinking on what kind of role that the monster will be playing and also what kind of mechanic that we want to introduce.

For example for Nergigante. It is an elder dragon, so we want to do a lot of action when you fight with it. And also we want to add some concept like destruction and regeneration. So we combine those concepts together to create it.

Let’s talk more about the concept of destruction and regeneration. So, when we got the concept from the design team, we start to list down things of what kind of things that can represent that concept. What thing can be destroyed and come back immediately?

There’s a lot thing on nature can represent it, such as terrains and trees. So, we start to discuss what kind can represent that concept best and continue working on with it.

Monster Hunter: World is Steam’s New Hit Game

After months of waiting since PlayStation 4 release, gamers finally get to see Monster Hunter: World on Steam. And as expected, the game got so much hype. 

How much time that you have spent to create a monster in Monster Hunter World?

MHT: Of course, different monsters take a different amount of time. For example Anjanath and Nerogigante, they took more time to create because of the details. But on average, we took two or three months cycle to create a single monster.

monster hunter world interview gamestart 2018

Do you have any plan to introduce more new weapons into the game?

MHT: At this time, we don’t have any plan to introduce a new weapon into the game. But one thing that’s in our mind is to refine the experience to play with the different weapons. So we want to make players can enjoy more using all of the existing weapons.

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