Interview with Yuya Tokuda & Kaname Fujioka: Story Behind Development and the Future of Monster Hunter World

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

How does it feel when got involved in this one of the Capcom’s biggest titles? And also, what are their plans for the future?

If you have a chance to get involved in the next game, what features do you want to see in Monster Hunter series and why?

MHT: One main thing that we want to improve on the next series is the experience to play online. There is a lot of technical difficulties when we try to implement that feature. So in the future, we want to improve that feature and minimize the issues.

Do you have any tips for any game developers out there about how to be a good developer, especially in AAA titles?

Tokuda: When I start looking for this job on Capcom, I remember that I watch the first promotional video of the first Monster Hunter. I got very attracted to the details, different habitat, and the different monster living in it.

With that idea, I can get into the Capcom and get involved in this series. So, one thing that you should have if you want to be a game designer is don’t forget about where your passion comes from.

Fujioka: I really enjoy drawing. I think it is very important to express what you feel. What you feel, what you experience, especially when interacting with other people. You should try to express it in a different way.

If you got stuck and not sure what to do, try to do and experience things that you like and you want to. After that, try to express it into your creation. This process is very important to improve yourself to be better.

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Nergigante is the strongest monster in Monster Hunter World. So, have you any plan to introduce a stronger monster than it in the next update?

MHT: There is ark tempered series of each monster in Monster Hunter World that is stronger and more challenging. But, we’ve not introduced an ark tempered version of Nergigante yet. So, it is possible to introduce it in the future.

Have you any plan to implement underwater battle in the next update?

There is no plan to implement it right now. Actually, we still have a lot of things to do to refine and improve the gameplay experience.

Fujioka: For me, the underwater battle is a great feature of the series and if we still have time, we definitely try to implement it.

Any plans for the Monster Hunter Championship in Southeast Asia?

MHT: As you know, there are already some championship happens in other countries such as in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and more. It’s one of our plan to reach the global market. So in the future, definitely we want to reach more fans in the other region, including Southeast Asia.

We already some ideas on our mind, but at this time we can’t share anything about it.

Monster Hunter World already collaborates with some of the popular titles such as Devil May Cry, Megaman and Street Fighter V. Can we expect more in the future?

MHT: For the development team, they definitely want to try something new. We can’t talk anything now, but they would like to think about how other popular series can merge into this world. So, look forward to what they have in the future, and keep playing the game.

Capcom’s Fastest Selling Game Goes to: Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World becomes the most fastest selling Capcom game ever. The company announced it through its official blog confirming 6 million units shipped in just two weeks. So, what's its secret to success?

In a few months, we will celebrate the 1st anniversary of Monster Hunter World. Can you share anything about your plan to celebrate it with the players?

MHT: The first year is very important for us. Definitely, we have something in our mind to celebrate it with our players. So, stay tuned!




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