IP Management Agency, NaoBun Project Receives Funding from Discovery Nusantara Capital

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

With the recent funding from DNC, NaoBun Project plans to establish partnerships with more creators. Congratulations!

Another year, another portfolio. This time, Discovery Nusantara Capital (DNC) announces that it gives a seed funding to an Intellectual Property (IP) management agency, NaoBun Project with an undisclosed amount.

The startup founded by Bonni Rambatan and Naomi Saddhadhika in May 2016 has a mission to disseminate progressive values, such as diversity, tolerance, and gender equality by means of popular culture. Currently, NaoBun Project manages about forty intellectual property titles and represents over twenty creators across Indonesia and abroad.

NaoBun Project combines a solid business vision with steadfast social missions,” said Irene Umar, the Managing Director for DNC. “We hope that our investment will not only strengthen the ecosystem of the Indonesian creative industry, but help disseminate values to the young generations of society through comics, films, music, video games, and other media,” she continued.

From the start, NaoBun Project has brought together creators with a similar mission, such as Kathrinna Rakhmavika with her highlights of Indonesian cultural diversity in the children’s story Mera Puti Emas, as well as Jasmine Surkatty who introduces concepts of astrophysics to readers through her comedic work Astrocecep.

Additionally, NaoBun Project publishes original stories in the same vein, such as Sofia: Fashion Investigations, the webtoon from Bonni Rambatan and Aisah P.L. that brings lights to the issues on sustainable fashion. In releasing those works, NaoBun Project works in partnership with industry-leading platforms and publishers, such as Elex Media Komputindo and M&C from the Kompas Gramedia group, as well as Naver’s LINE Webtoon.

NaoBun Project

As an intellectual property management agency, NaoBun Project contributes to strengthening the ecosystem of Indonesia’s creative industry. Many actors in the creative industry tend to neglect aspects of intellectual property management, such as legal protection and planning of derivative works. This is a regrettable fact since those two aspects ensure the fulfillment of creators’ rights and can preserve the appeal of creative works in the midst of an ever-changing market.

With the recent funding from DNC, NaoBun Project plans to establish partnerships with more creators, acquire new intellectual properties, develop derivative works of the properties they currently manage, and explore other creative media outlets such as video games and VR (virtual reality). NaoBun Project will also expand their collaborative networks in education with various schools across Indonesia.

“We are going to prove that social missions will not reduce the appeal of the works we manage,” said Bonni Rambatan, co-founder and CEO of NaoBun Project. “On the contrary; in the current social climate, we believe that the values we aim to deliver are much needed by the society at large,” he added.

Last year, DNC also gave funding to some Indonesian game companies, such as Toge Productions, Arsanesia, OmniVR, Semisoft and also

Congratulations to NaoBun Project!

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