Best in the Region! Here Are the Finalists of SEA Game Awards 2018

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Congratulations to the finalists!

Level Up KL has been one of the biggest gaming conferences in Southeast Asia region since 2015. But since 2017, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) as the main organizer introduced a new program called SEA Game Awards alongside the Level Up KL.

The awards aim to recognize and celebrate the creativity, artistry and technical genius of the finest developers and games from around this region in addition to upholding creative and technical excellence in the Southeast Asian video game industry. In this second year, SEA Game Awards will give recognition to some Southeast Asia games across 10 different categories.

The 10 categories in SEA Game Awards 2018 are Audience Choice Award, Rising Star Award, Grand Jury Award, Best Technology, Best Visual Art, Best Game Design, Best Audio, Best Storytelling, Best Innovation, and Best Student Game.

After opening the call for entries in September until October, MDEC announced the top 40 finalists of the SEA Game Awards 2018. The final judging session will be held alongside Level Up KL 2018, and the winner will be announced in SEA Game Awards 2018 Ceremony at the end of the second day of the business conference, 31 October 2018.

Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore dominate the list with at least 10 games each. There are also games from other Southeast Asia countries such as Thailand and the Philippines.

So, here are the finalists of the SEA Game Awards 2018

  • Mecha Royale Online by Illogical Games from Malaysia
  • Metal Brave Arena 76 by Agate from Indonesia
  • Nightstream by Streamline Games from Malaysia
  • NETTWORTH: Life Simulation Game by Gameka from Malaysia
  • Re: Legend by Magnus Games Studio from Malaysia
  • Songbird Symphony by Joysteak Studios from Singapore
  • Karaz’s Conquest by Lek Chan from Malaysia
  • She and the Light Bearer by Mojiken Studio from Indonesia
  • Rising Hell by Tahoe Studio from Indonesia
  • Coffee Talk by Toge Productions from Indonesia
  • Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story by Agate from Indonesia
  • Sakura no Gakkou by The Tangerine from Limkokwing University, Malaysia
  • Last Regiment by Boomzap from Singapore
  • Haywire Harvest by Glenmarie Games from KDU University College, Malaysia
  • Terminus Lockdown by Glenmarie Games from KDU University College, Malaysia
  • The Long Road Ahead by Cellar Vault Games from Malaysia
  • Ageless by Bala Vicknesh A/L S Ravichanthiran from Malaysia
  • Upin & Ipin Keris Siamang Tunggal The Game by Les’ Copaque Games Development Inc from Malaysia
  • WAKER by akirassasin from Dwi Emas International School, Malaysia
  • Tower Fortress by Keybol Games from Philippines
  • Own Coffee Shop by Own Games from Indonesia
  • The Plight: Prologue by Cellar Vault Games from Malaysia
  • Jack Axe by Keybol Games from Philippines
  • The 9th Gate by Spacepup Entertainment from Malaysia
  • Eximius: Seize the Frontline by Ammobox Studios from Malaysia
  • SIMULACRA: Pipe Dreams by Kaigan Games from Malaysia
  • Faerie Afterlight by Clay Game Studio from Indonesia
  • AR Bounce by Spoko Games from Thailand
  • Kaliyuga: The Dark Ages by Morningstar Game Studios from Telkom University, Indonesia
  • Unstoppable Rex: AR Saga by Sandbox Global from Thailand
  • Hollywhoot by Joyseed Gametribe from Indonesia
  • Ocean Escape by Article Soft. from Asia Pacific University, Malaysia
  • A Dance of Fire and Ice by 7th Beat Games from Malaysia
  • No Straight Roads by Metronomik from Malaysia
  • King’s League II by Kurechii from Malaysia
  • DeLight by DreamTree Studio from Malaysia
  • Project Retrograde by Freemergency from Indonesia
  • BattleSky Brigade: TapTap by BattleBrew Productions from Singapore
  • ITENO by Why Creative from Malaysia
  • WarPods by Weyrdworks Studio from Malaysia

Top 10 Games from SEA Game Awards 2017 That You Should Take a Look

These are the top 10 games from the first SEA Game Awards held in Level Up KL 2017that you should take a look and play. What are they?

They will also exhibit in the two days of Level Up KL‘s business conference in the 30th and 31st October 2018. Level Up KL 2018 participants can give votes to support their favorite games on those dates.

Congratulations to the finalists!

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