She and The Light Bearer Demo Impression: When Paintings and Poems Come to Life

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

A well blended of paintings, poems and easy-listening music. Here’s our impression after trying the demo version

What if paintings and poems come to life, mixed with relaxing music? In Mojiken Studio’s latest game, She and The Light Bearer, you can experience it all! We already tried She and The Light Bearer demo, and here’s our impression.

She and The Light Bearer is a visual novel developed by Mojiken Studio from Surabaya and published by Toge Productions. This visual novel tells about a little firefly on a search mission to find a figure that it call Mother. It turns out that the entire forest is secretly protecting The Mother in her slumber. The Little Firefly has to earn the forest’s trust and prove its worth by solving riddles, challenges, and puzzles.

She and the Light Bearer is one of the projects born from the Mojiken Studio’s internal upgrading project. Back in 2015, Mojiken held an internal upgrading session called MojikenCamp that must be followed by all of the members.

The internal upgrading session has created some prototypes that were eventually developed as full games, such as this game and Ultra Space Battle Brawl.

A relaxing and enjoyable fairytale

she and the light bearer demo

The demo took place in the first act of the story when you will be introduced to the little firefly. Along the game, you will be accompanied by enjoyable music and gorgeous art. To create the music, Mojiken Studio collaborates with an indie band called Pathetic Experience.

The music really blends well with the art. The mix between calm colors and easy listening music creates a “relaxing” feel when you enjoy the game. If you are a big fan of poems, this game offers some nice poems between scenes and to tell the major storyline.

she and the light bearer demo

Because it is a visual novel, gameplay is not a major part from She and The Light Bearer. This game offers some puzzle mini-games that you should solve to make progress. The puzzle isn’t tough, yet still enjoyable. For example, you should seek an item from some trees by choosing the right one, and open the leaves one by one.

And don’t forget the cute voice when the characters talk to each other. It makes us wonder who are the voice actors behind them. Lol!

Award-winning game

she and the light bearer demo

Although it’s not released yet, She and The Light Bearer already won some awards. First, it won the Best Kids and Family Game in Indie Prize Asia 2017. The success continues in the same year when the game was also nominated as the Best Visual Arts in SEA Game Awards 2017.

Recently, the game also won Excellence in Art category for Busan Indie Connect Festival last September.

She and the Light Bearer to be Released Soon for PC

She and the Light Bearer is one of the most anticipated Indonesian games this year. Now, Mojiken Studio and Toge Productions confirm that they will release this game soon on Steam.

If you are a visual novel fan and want to experience the relaxing game experience, you can start wishlist this game from now. You can also try the demo by downloading it through this link.




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