Valthirian Arc Hero School Story Review: A Tale of A Magical Academy

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

We had a chance to play on the PlayStation 4 and here is our impression.

Agate recently released its new game, Valthirian Arc Heros School Story. We had been very eager to play since the company announced it. We had a chance to play on the PlayStation 4 and here is our Valthirian Arc Hero School Story review.

Before going to our Valthirian Arc Hero School Story review, the Game Prime team has previously tried the demo version during BEKRAF Game Prime 2018. At that time, we didn’t have enough time playing it. But now, the game was released so we can play as long as we want.


Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story is an academy-simulation mix with RPG developed by Agate, an Indonesian-based developer. It focuses on building a school and training students to become the best in combat and magic. This is a very special game for Agate because it marks its first game ever to be released on console. The game just released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and also PC.

Valthirian Arc itself is a flagship series. The game acts as a sequel to the previous title, Valthirian Arc 2, which released in December 2013 in one of the largest free-to-play web game platforms at the time, Kongregate.

The Feel of Hogwarts

The first thing that felt Agate did a great job was to emphasize how the game resembles around an academy. You will be provided with students, dormitory, classroom, and (surprisingly) armory. Not to mention, there is also a graduation day for your students.

A lot of people were also anticipating this game purely because of the fact that the game has a similar feeling to Harry Potter games and stories. But here is the thing: the game is pure from Agate and different from Harry Potter series.

BEKRAF Game Prime 2018: Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story First Impression

Agate showcased their upcoming game at Game Prime. I was the lucky ones to try it out. Here is my Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story first impression. 

Story and Queendom

The first half an hour playing the game, I feel that what’s minimum from the game was its story. But as I move forward, the story that Agate promises slowly appears and make me wonder what lies ahead.

What’s also quite interesting regarding the stories is that in Valthirian Arc Hero School Story, there are factions that they call Queendom. Each Queendom is controlled by a queen. And missions we chose will affect the relationship between them.

Combat System

As mentioned in my first impression article, the combat system is what makes me the most enthusiastic. And after enjoying hours of gameplay, I have to give props them.

What I learned when I played more was that I get the hang of switching an doing special skills from different students. At first, I thought that it would be very hard switching each and every time. But as the game goes along, you definitely have to switch students to attack.

Still More to be Delivered

Despite all the great work that Agate has delivered to the game, I believe that there are a lot of aspects that need to be delivered. Firstly, the console version does not seem to be optimized for the console.

I feel like the game is more intended for PC. The user experience in the PS4 is not as pleasing as the user experience that of the PC version. We feel that the gameplay (especially for the simulation aspect and when navigating the menu) only optimized for PC, not for console. Additionally, there is no feature to adjust the screen to my television.

Hopefully, problems like these can be solved by Agate immediately to make the game more appealing to gamers, especially for console gamers.


Valthirian Arc Hero School Story Review

Valthirian Arc Hero School Story offers a great gaming experience combining story with tactical combat. Despite being Agate’s first console game, the game does not share a great experience for console players.

With a rich story and endless grinding mission, it’s fair to give this game a 7/10 rating.

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