10 Best Games from SEA Game Awards 2018 that You Should Play

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Ranging from mobile, PC to console games, these are the Southeast Asian-made games from SEA Game Awards 2018 that you should look at and play!

At least 104 games were submitted from across Southeast Asia to participate in the SEA Game Awards 2018. Then, the organizer shortlisted it to 40 high-quality games as the finalists. The winners were already announced on last day of Level Up KL 2018 last October. But there are more games that you should take a look because of its uniqueness.

In this article, we select 10 best games from SEA Game Awards 2018 that you should play. Some of this games are already released, but some of them are still on the development or beta phase. Some of this game also can’t make their way through the winner’s list, but we think there’s potential in them.


No Straight Roads (Metronomik/Malaysia)

Kingdom Hearts mixed with a rhythm game might be the best way to describe No Straight Roads, a debut game from a new established Kuala Lumpur-based Metronomik. Metronomik itself is a new game studio established by former Final Fantasy XV‘s lead game designer, Wan Hazmer and illustrator of Street Fighter, Daim Dziauddin.

In this game, you will portray as Mayday and Zuke who will conquer the EDM Empire. Kingdom Hearts-style action gameplay will be the main focus. But, the action gameplay is built based on the music that will accompany you along the game.

Feeling confused? Imagine when an enemy that you face attacks you with some music pattern. You can’t only memorize the move, but you should also listen to the music to find out when is the best moment to attack them.

This game is already in development state, and Metronomik said that it will release the game in Q2 2019 for PC and PS4.


She and the Light Bearer (Mojiken Studio/Indonesia)

What happens when paintings and poems come to life? She and The Light Bearer happens. It is a visual novel developed by Mojiken Studio from Surabaya and published by Toge Productions.

This visual novel tells about a little firefly on a search mission to find a figure that it call Mother. It turns out that the entire forest is secretly protecting The Mother in her slumber. The Little Firefly has to earn the forest’s trust and prove its worth by solving riddles, challenges, and puzzles.

She and the Light Bearer is one of the projects born from the Mojiken Studio’s internal upgrading project. Back in 2015, Mojiken held an internal upgrading session called MojikenCamp that must be followed by all of the members.

She and The Light Bearer Demo Impression: When Paintings and Poems Come to Life

What if paintings and poems come to life? We already tried She and The Light Bearer demo, and here's our impression about this game.

Although it’s not released yet, She and The Light Bearer already won some awards. Most recently, the game went home with Best Visual Art award from SEA Game Awards 2018 last October.

Demo download


Songbird Symphony (Joysteak Studios/Singapore)

As a fan of rhythm game, I’m always excited to see how developers use a different approach to this genre. So, I appreciate how Songbird Symphony combines the rhythm gameplay and classic platformer with some Disney-ish feel that makes this game more enjoyable.

This game tells about an orphaned chick named Birb who wants to find his origins. Along the journey, Birb will learn about his origins little by little by communicating with other birds. In some point, you should guide Birb to sing a song like a usual rhythm game mechanic.

Beside the rhythm game mechanic, this game also offers some puzzle that you should solve. It is all combined with nice pixel art graphic so it can be enjoyed by all ages. So that is why this game successfully went home with two awards, the Rising Star award and the Best Audio award.

Demo download


A Dance of Fire and Ice (7th Beat Games/Malaysia)

Another rhythm game is on the list. A Dance of Fire and Ice is a game developed by 7th Beat Games who previously known with Rhythm Doctor. The gameplay is very simple. You only hit a button when the ball meets the circle pattern.

But it not as simple as it sounds. The ball will move along with the rhythm, and sometimes, change its direction. You should pay attention not only to the ball but also to the music beat.

Another interesting thing is that the developer provides a custom controller to play the game when they exhibit in the expo section. To play with the custom controller, the player should hit a box using a drumstick. Creative!

Demo download


Rising Hell (Tahoe Games/Indonesia)

Previously known with Hellbreaker, Tahoe Games from Kediri, Indonesia finally change the game’s name to Rising HellRising Hell is an action-platformer-roguelike-video game that gets you play as Arok, a man with a cool and mysterious claw that let him destroy Hell’s inhabitant known as Belial.

The game is simple: you have to jump and climb through stages while fighting off various kind of Belials. This game has a simple combo but surprisingly satisfying. Each time you create a combo, you’ll get a counter on the top right of the screen. This feature is interesting because it makes you curious about how much combo you can get—makes you feel challenged.

Rising Hell First Impression: Metal Journey of Hellbreakers

Rising Hell is an action platformer roguelike video game that developed by Tahoe Games from Kediri. This is our Rising Hell's first impression

Another interesting point is the heavy metal music. The music is very entertaining and can increase your adrenaline while playing this. Rising Hell is now in the development stage and set to release for PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile.

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